NGO gets 11 pedestrian signals repaired

Over 100 pedestrians die on busy city roads every year due to the absence of pedestrian signals and indisciplined traffic movement. The Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) has undertaken great efforts to get many pedestrian signals repaired by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

The SPTM, an NGO working for improvement in transportation, got pedestrian signals repaired at as many as 11 chowks in Kothrud, Karve Road and Paud Road areas.

The pedestrian signals were repaired at the Konkan Express Chowk, Karve statue, Mrityunjayeshwar temple, Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Paud Phata, Nal Stop, Kalewadi, Ogale Chowk, Anand Nagar, Paramhans Nagar and Kothrud Depot.
A functionary of SPTM, said that every year, around 400 commuters including over 100 pedestrians lose their lives in road accidents.

The functioning of the pedestrian signals could have saved many lives. Unfortunately, most of these signals are not in a working condition. The pedestrian signals are installed by the traffic department of the civic body to facilitate pedestrians cross the road safely.  Their feedback is that many times, when a vehicle signal goes out of order, the PMC staff cuts the underground cable connections of the pedestrian signals and connects it to vehicle signals. This stops the functioning of the pedestrian signals. Last year, SPTM got 40 pedestrian signals repaired but most of these signals went out of order later. So, SPTM again followed up the issue with the PMC to get these signals repaired.

The SPTM has also appealed to the PMC to repair other pedestrian signals on city roads as soon as possible.

Source: Sakaaltimes, Mar’14

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Timings of signals on 21 roads changed

The city traffic police have increased the timings of functioning of the 97 traffic signals on 21 prominent roads of the city.
These traffic signals will function from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, instead of 9:00 pm on all days.

The move is part of the city traffic police’s efforts to de-congest the roads and streamline the movement of vehicles on the thoroughfares.

The traffic police said that the traffic signal timings have been increased taking into consideration the safety of commuters and tackling the problem of chaos on the roads.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) said that signal timings have been increased till 11 from existing 9 pm in order to educate and discipline road users.

Citizens must develop the habit of voluntarily following the traffic rules instead of signal jumping. They appeal to the citizens to obey traffic laws and co-operate with the traffic department.

He added that the traffic police took efforts to ensure that all the signals were tuned to the right timing.

Earlier, there was lack of uniformity and signals stopped functioned even before 9:00 pm. They have now taken corrective measures and signals will function until 11 pm during the night.

Roads where Traffic signals would function for longer hours:

Tilak Road                                                            Veer Sawarkar Bhavan Chowk
Shankar Sheth Road                                          Senapati Bapat Road
Satara Road                                                         Sinhagad Road
Fergusson Road                                                 Solapur Road
JM Road                                                                Baner Road
Ganeshkhind Road                                            Mumbai-Pune Highway
Raja Bahadur Road                                           Blue Diamond Chowk
Mangaldas Road                                                Parnakuti Chowk, Yerwada
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road                     Lullanagar Chowk
Shastri Road                                                       Bhakti shakti Chowk

Source: Sakaaltimes, Feb’14


8 signals to go live again within 2 months

In order to regulate vehicular traffic more efficiently, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to make eight closed signals functional and set up six cantilever traffic poles at various chowks in the city.
The PMC’s move comes in the wake of a request by city traffic police on the issue. The eight spots where the traffic signals will become functional again are Muktangan in Yerawada, New English School and Tilak Smarak Mandir on Tilak road, Dhobi Ghat and Vega Centre Chowk on Shankarsheth road, Government Milk Dairy on Pune-Mumbai Road, Govind Halwai Chowk and Chittaranjan Vatika in Model Colony.
The Traffic Planning Department of the PMC had closed these eight signals about three years ago on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic). However, a couple of months ago the current DCP (traffic) tabled a new traffic plan before the civic body and said that the closed signals be made functional.

City Engineer (traffic planning) said that the civic body has already floated a tender to operationalise the signals and put up cantilever poles at six places worth Rs 25 lakh. The signals will be made operational within the next two months.

The cantilever poles for better visibility of signals form distance, will be set up at Narpatigiri Chowk, ABC Farms, Shanipar Big Bazaar, Prabhat Road T junction and Bhandarkar Road.
Junior Engineer (traffic planing) PMC in his letter written to the PMC, had stated that if these signals become functional then traffic will be regulated efficiently and also said that the cantilever poles will be set up for better visibility of signals as often the poles are located on the middle of the road and are not visible due to trees or when heavy vehicles stop at the signals.

Signals to be made operational

1) Muktangan in Yerawada
2) New English School on Tilak Road
3) Tilak Smarak Mandir on Tilak Road
4) Dhobi Ghat on Shankarsheth Road
5) Vega Centre Chowk on Shankarsheth Road
6) Government Milk Dairy on Pune-Mumbai Road
7) Govind Halwai Chowk
8) Chittaranjan Vatika in Model Colony

Source: sakaaltimes, Jan’14



कधी होणार इथे सुधारणा?

डेक्कन जिमखाना स्थानकाकडून  भिडे पुलाकडे  वळताना नेहमीच जे . एम. रोड वरून येणाऱ्या  वाहनांची व बस गाड्यांची कोंडी होत असते. ह्या रहदारीच्या रस्त्यावर ट्राफिक पोलीस पण नसतात. ४-४ बस एका मागे एक लागल्या  असतात आणि  जे. एम . रोड वरून येणाऱ्या गाड्या भिडे पुला कडे जाण्यासाठी खोळंबतात  ज्यामुळे संपूर्ण  रस्त्यावर रहदारी अडकून राहते. अशा  चौकांत  सिग्नल असणे अत्यंत गरजेचे आहे. बस डे  च्या दिवशी ह्या चौकात स्वयंसेवक तैनात केले असताना ही  समस्या  जाणवत नव्हती. त्या दिवशी अतिशय सुरळीतपणे एकदा बस गाड्या व एकदा बाकीची वाहने मार्गस्थ होत होती. अशा प्रकारे नेहमीच चोख व्यवस्था ठेवल्यास वाहतुकीचा  अडथळा दूर   होईल.



Deadly fumigation drive??

With rise in deaths due to Dengue in recent months PMC has taken an initiative of fumigation and fogging to control mosquitoes. These drives have been carried out frequently in many places but  some places like Kothrud stand area are still waiting for fumigation.

PMC workers were fumigating the vicinity with anti-mosquito spray near Nilayam Talkies  signal at around 6 pm. It was peak hour of traffic. The fumigation spray got mixed with vehicular smoke causing poor visibility and haze throughout the area. Commuters halting at signal were suffering from suffocation. The poor visibility led to traffic congestion. Thus, it would have been better if such fumigation drives were carried out during low traffic hours.



More auto-rickshaw stands

The autorickshaw unions in the city have demanded sanctions for new autorickshaw stands in the newly developing residential area which would help daily commuters and also help prevent action taken by the traffic police department against autorickshaw drivers for unauthorized parking of vehicles on the road-side.
The representatives of the Pune City Auto Rickshaw Federation and the Maharashtra Rickshaw Sena said that the demand has been pending since last many days with the RTO. Developed residential parts often made complaints to autorickshaw drivers that they find difficulties in getting autorickshaw services, especially during early mornings and late evenings as there were no dedicated stands. Besides this, the autorickshaw drivers face harassment from the traffic police, if their vehicles are stopped on the roads. The unions added that a recent survey by them has given a list of suitable locations for stands including Aundh, Baner, Hadapsar, Kondhwa, Mundhwa etc. The unions, now, plan to submit this list to the RTO and to traffic police department.

full_stand rikshw


Traffic synchronization project

Most of us have experienced that when we start from one traffic signal and reach the next, it turns red as we reach it. And then we have to wait for atleast a minute at every traffic signal. Thus to get continuous green signals on a single stretch and to deal with heavy traffic during peak hours, NGO Janwani and Cummins India Ltd have joined hands and launched traffic synchronisation project.
In first stage, they are working on the stretch from Deccan chowk to Nal stop chowk with six signals. Suggestions to change timings of all six signals will be given to traffic police. This can lead to saving fuel as well as reduction in pollution
250 volunteers participated in the project. They video-recorded the six signals on all seven days for three weeks and at different timings.

It has been noticed, that a two-wheeler takes approximately 200 seconds to reach from one signal to another.If the project is successful, it will help to maintain the speed of vehicles. Rash driving will be controlled and pollution will decrease. full_r.jpg