Footbridge for N.M.V. High School

After studying 28 schools in Narayan Peth and Sadashiv Peth, the traffic police have suggested a footbridge for students of Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya (NMV) on Bajirao Road. If this plan translates into action, it will be the first footbridge meant for students in the city.
Senior Police Inspector (Traffic) Sanjay Bhambure told Mirror that the traffic police studied all the traffic problems in the area. “We have covered all 28 schools on Laxmi Road, Kelkar Road, Bajirao Road, Tilak Road and Kumthekar Road. These roads have heavy traffic and school-going kids are mostly pedestrians,” he added.
“If constructed, this will be the first footbridge meant for students in the city. “Students come to school in the morning, and at different times, usually before traffic gets too heavy. The problem begins when school gets over. They all come out at the same time and their parents (in their vehicles), school buses, auto rickshaws and vans come to pick them up simultaneously. This adds to the chaos,” Bhambure added.
Separate meetings of the school authorities and trustees were conducted by the city police over the last few months to change school conclusion hours which will avert the chaos. However, this plan has not been concretised.
Meanwhile, the police found that there is space on Bajirao Road to build a footbridge. This road connects Sarasbaug and Shivajinagar and is a one-way. “There is land located in and in front of the school premises and some land available opposite the school on the road. We have suggested an overbridge for the students so that they can cross the road safely. The buses, autos, vans, and their parents can use the space available on the other side of the road to park their vehicles and to pick up their wards,” he added.
The bridge will start from the school area and will cover the entire road. “The other positive side of the proposal is that no Ganesh Mandal uses this road for immersion processions and heavy vehicles are banned from using this route. A footbridge on this road is a good option,” said Assistant Police Inspector Shivaji Raut, who drafted the proposal.
School authorities are happy with the proposal which has now been submitted to PMC for its consideration.
The schools in the survey included Hujurpaga School, New English School, Perugate Bhave School, Ramanbaug Girls High School, Ahilyadevi School, NMV, Adarsha School and others.



Remember !! Pedestrian Crossings

These are alternate black and white stripes painted parallel to the road generally known as zebra crossing. Pedestrians must cross only at the point where these lines are provided and when the signal is in their favour at controlled crossings.You must stop and give way to pedestrians at these crossings. Pedestrian crossings are marked to facilitate and give the right of way to pedestrians.