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It definitely doesn’t suit the status of Pune as the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra to have overpowering stench and dirt in and around the railways station. Thousands of passengers can be seen covering their mouths and noses with handkerchiefs because of unclean tracks generating an unbearable stench. One of the major problems is unavailability of water which severely affects cleaning operations.
Although the station is big, it didn’t meet any basic requirements. It is really difficult to walk through the platforms not because it was not properly built but it is highly occupied by poor people to have a sleep.
Citizens are also facing problems in parking their vehicles at the railway station on account of the permanent situation of traffic chaos. In case you have to catch a train, better leave a bit earlier than your plan, otherwise you will be caught in the traffic jams on the roads near station. It gets almost half an hour for a four wheeler to come out of station’s parking area in peak hours. Breaking of parking rules by the private vehicles and auto rickshaws are the main reasons for traffic congestion. Vendors and hawkers sitting on footpath also create chaos near station area. State bus terminus, PMPML bus stops and taxi stands, are also near from railway station, making the area ought to become one of the busiest ones in the city. The Sassoon road, the Maldhakka road and the common road just outside the station regularly experience traffic congestions.  Action has to be taken against the rickshaw drivers and private vehicle owners violating the traffic rules. Illegal movements of vendors and hawkers, PMPML buses and encroachments have to be restricted in order to solve the traffic problems at the railway station area.

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Water Scarcity has raises a stink at Pune Station

Pune railway station stinking as authorities has not been able to take up cleaning work. According to railway officials, the water supplied to the station by PMC is being strictly used for drinking purposes due to which dirt is gathering on platforms and the track. Pune division of Central Railway requires nearly 2 lakh liters of water every day only for cleaning purposes. The railway has its own bore wells but as there is no rain in the city, the bore wells have dries up. PMC has also reduced water supply due to which only 25% of water that usually require is available.  The Pune divesion’s public relation officer, YK Sing said that the railway administration is having tough time in managing the water supply. Their priority is to provide drinking water to passengers.

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Pune station will soon get high level of cleanliness

Being Punekars, we all are aware of unhygienic conditions prevailing at Pune railway station. Here is good news for us. Pune railway station is among the seven stations within the Central Railway division, where the Railway Board will keep a hawk’s eye on matters of cleanliness of the station premises.
The Board has selected few stations from each of its 17 zones, where it will monitor the level of cleanliness. The other six stations include Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar, Nagpur, Kalyan and Nashik. These stations have been selected based on the flow of passengers.



Warnings to check illegal track crossing fail

Railway officials attribute illegal track crossing as one of the leading causes of these deaths. The many safety warnings notwithstanding, people continue to cross railway tracks.They said about 451 cases of track crossing have been registered each month this year, most of which were booked at major stations, including Pune, Shivajinagar, Chinchwad, Pimpri and Hadapsar. As many as 3,159 cases of trespassing on tracks have been registered in Pune division in the last seven months and 300 lives lost so far this year.

The most recent death was incidentally that of a railway official, deputy station superintendent, who was run over by a passenger train while crossing the track at Dehu Road station on Sunday afternoon. Last year, the railway administration had recorded 3,671 cases of illegal crossing of tracks in the first seven months. Though the numbers have reduced to some extent, officials said that many people still choose to take short cuts instead of using foot over bridges (FOBs).

The administration said trespassing incidents are high at all stations between Pune and Lonavla, the busiest section in the division. All stations on this stretch have FOBs, but commuters avoid using them. At some places, unidentified persons have even breached walls in order to cross the tracks.

The administration collected a fine of Rs 4.05 lakh in the cases booked so far this year. About 35 offenders who failed to pay the fine were sent to jail. A person can be fined Rs 1,000 and imprisoned for a maximum period of six months if they are caught crossing tracks illegally. People should use FOBs or manned crossing-gates to avoid accidents on tracks.

The division has identified some ‘vulnerable’ spots on the Pune-Lonavla,Pune-Daund and Kolhapur sections. Engine drivers have been instructed to honk at these spots and display boards have been put up, telling people to refrain from trespassing.

The division has also initiated steps to phase out unmanned level crossings.Five gates have been closed so far this year and all level crossing gates along the Pune-Lonavla and Pune-Daund routes are manned. However, railway authorities said that people put their lives at risk at level crossings even when gates are closed for a train to pass.


• 300 deaths so far this year.

• 3,159 cases booked for trespassing on tracks.

• 451 cases for illegal crossing of tracks booked every month.

• 4.05 lakh collected from offenders so far this year.

• 1,000 and imprisonment for six months is the punishment for crossing track.



Work on foot overbridge at Pune railway station begins

The Pune railway division started the long-pending work to construct a foot overbridge (FOB) at the Pune railway station. The FOB proposal was under consideration for the last one-and-a-half years.

This will be the third overbridge at the railway station and the first that will connect only platforms one, two and three. Railway authorities expect to complete the work in seven to eight months. The FOB will come up on the Solapur end of the station.

Passengers and regular visitors have been demanding additional FOBs at the station to regulate movement of people. Passengers had said that the two existing FOBs were not adequate, especially during rush hours.

While both FOBs connect all six platforms, only one has direct exits outside the station at both ends. Passengers generally avoid using the second FOB, as they have to get down at either platform number one or six to exit the station.

A railway official said that the new overbridge will benefit commuters at large, as many long-distance trains halt on the first three platforms. People entering from the main gate will get easy access to this FOB to reach platforms two and three. They expect it to reduce pressure on the other two FOBs.

As many as one lakh passengers travel every day from Pune station in more than 150 mail and express trains, and in local trains on the Pune-Lonavla route.

The administration has also initiated steps to build a fourth FOB, which will join all six platforms and have ramps that will land outside the station on both ends. Officials said that the project is in the tendering stage at present.

The proposed FOB will run parallel to the existing overbridge with landings outside the station. The administration owns enough space on both ends, the Raja Bahadur mill end and at the main entrance to provide landings for this overbridge.

FOBs at Pune station:
One connects all six platforms and has landings outside the station
One connects all six platforms, with landings on platform one and six
Construction on one has started; to connect platforms one, two and three
Second one to connect all six platforms and have landings outside station; project still in tendering stage.

Source: timesofindia, Jan14

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Pune railway station parking zone implementation to be delayed

The plan of the railway authorities to come up with a new parking zone near Pune railway station is likely to be delayed. The place near Portar Chawl, which was identified for the new parking, has still not been developed for the project.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) informed Sakal Times that the contractor who was given the job of developing the parking space is not working on the project any more. He said that a new tender for developing the parking space near Portar Chawl will soon be floated.

In July last year, a tender for developing parking space at the Portar Chawl was floated but railway officials clarified that due to some issues, they were not happy with the contractor in charge of developing the parking space.Hence, currently, the administration is planning to float a new tender and resume the process.

The parking area at the Pune railway station is becoming overcrowded. In a bid to ease the huge problem of parking of two and four-wheelers at the Pune station, the Central Railway has decided to come up with a new vehicle parking zone near Portar Chawl near Railway Protection Force (RPF) police station very soon.

Source: sakaaltimes, Nov’14

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