Risky transportation

Rahatani: Such a risky transportation on roads can lead to accidents or mishaps.

Shankar maharaj Math, Satara road: Due to removal of bus stop, senior citizens have to cross the BRT track to reach the other stop.


Routes in Pimpri-Chinchwad to get Intelligent Traffic System

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has decided to implement the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) for effective implementation of Bus Rapid Transit project.

With ITS, buses and bus terminals will have an information system in place. It will also facilitate automatic fare collection. ITS will also help manage frequency of buses on various routes in an efficient way.

Shrikant Savane, executive engineer, engineering department, PCMC, said, “LED boards giving information about the bus timings and route map will be installed at the bus stations on BRTS routes. Passengers will be given information about the area where any particular bus is plying. Passenger information system will be available through simple SMS or other means of communication”.

“The ITS system will help the PMPML management to prepare bus and crew schedules. It will inform the officials about the number of buses plying, the number of passengers they are carrying and would also generate revenue collection reports,” said Savana.

Savane said there would be off-board ticketing facility. Passengers would have to take pre-paid ticket cards which they can swipe at the destinations. This facility is available in the BRTS system at Ahmedabad, he said.

PCMC will start two BRTS routes — Pune-Mumbai highway and Aundh-Ravet road – in the first phase. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and PCMC will share the cost of the ITS system on pro-rata basis which is proportionate to the amount of bus stations, buses and number of kilometers of BRT routes in their municipal limits.

On Tuesday, the PCMC standing committee approved a short notice resolution giving approval for the appointment of a project consultant for the implementation of ITS system. According to the proposal, the civic body will develop 45-km long BRT routes and 90 BRT bus stations under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission(JNNURM) scheme.

The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limted (PMPML) has bought 800 buses for the BRT routes (600 for PMC limits and 200 for PCMC limits). The PMC has appointed a project consultant for implementing the ITS system in its limits. The consultant conducts the pre-bid and post process for the implementation of the ITS system.

A PCMC official said, “Around four to five months will be required to complete the pre-bid process. Later, it will require another one year to set-up the ITS system.”

Swargate BRT

Risky travelling of student in PMPML

The Pune Municipal Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML) is appears to have forgotten the problems students face while travelling. The safety of children travelling by PMPML buses is always at risk. Every day hundreds of children travel to schools in these buses. It is a common sight that schoolchildren with heavy bags travel in PMPML buses standing at the doorway with their bodies hanging out of the bus. The overcrowding of buses at peak hours which will make students stand on the steps and travel.  What is worrisome is that at times the bus tilts to one side due to overloading and there are chances that the kids may fall and get hurt seriously or be hit by another vehicle, sometimes resulting in fatalities.
The authorities do not have concrete plans to ensure safety of children.  Another concern put forward is the cancellation of several PMP services without prior notice to travelers or parents of the children so that other arrangements can be made. The drivers and conductors should be sensitized towards children and that female students especially should be given secure space in the buses. There should be an authority person on important bus stops to guide students and educate them on safety.
Whether it is a rickshaw, van or a PMPML bus, the law should be equal for all. It is high time the RTO and traffic police take action against PMPML drivers and conductors. Interestingly, the PMPML had started a special bus service for children during school timings, but just when the scheme was gaining popularity the authorities shelved it for reasons best known to them.



PMT (Pune Murder Transport)

PMT is an important mode of transport in Pune. Pune transport buses are most commonly used by people to travel as they are the cheapest means of transport.  But PMT buses are very old and their drivers have a habit of being careless about the safety of smaller vehicles or pedestrians; thus earning it the title of “Pune Murder Transport”.
In Pune, people have to face a lot of problems while commuting because of a very poor mass transport system. Pune traffic has become increasingly unruly and dangerous. Lack of proper mode of transport is making the common man suffer. The existing transportation infrastructure in Pune, which is mainly road based, is depressing as buses are acutely over-crowded and sorely lacking in comfort and convenience for commuters. More than half the people in Pune don’t have any other option than Overcrowded buses. PMT buses are Old, un-maintained vehicles and not punctual.  A reason for this condition of PMT is less number of buses. Generally there should be 40 buses for 1 lakh population. Population of Pune is around 35 lakh so we need at least 1500 buses.  In reality, there are only 850 buses are available Out of that around 150 are non-functional.
Disgusting and deliberate neglect of PMT is the reason for today’s traffic situation. Travelling distant location in Pune is a true pain. The city governing authorities must travel in local transportation. They will understand how much problem does a passenger face if he/she has to travel long distance in Pune.
It is obvious that in the absence of a proper mass transport system in Pune, people prefer to travel by their own vehicles. This has resulted in huge increase of vehicles on city roads. But the reality is that a working person, whether he commutes by his own vehicle or public transport, nearly wastes an extra one hour everyday due to traffic. Individuals could easily consider giving up on their 2 wheelers and cars, provided an efficient public transport was available. A bus carries 60 people, thus reducing 60 vehicles on road, road space utilization, Parking space, pollution and use of fuel all of them reduced many times!
Pune needs an efficient and a safe rapid public transport system in place. Existing PMT buses should not only be increased in numbers but replaced with modern energy efficient vehicles. What people want is a punctual, regular, comfortable and safe bus transport system. To ensure a rapid transport system, create dedicated bus lanes on major roads. Looking at the crowded buses and the growing traffic woes on the city roads, a metro rail system or BRTS is immediate solution heavy traffic during the peak hours. If we have the BRTS mode of public transport in the city, then it is important to implement the project on the right routes. The fastest way you can resolve the problem is by adding some more buses and covering different part of the cities.



Vehicles outnumbering trees!

Environment Status Report 2011-12 which was presented by Additional Municipal Commissioner Naresh Zurmure, reveals number of vehicles almost equal to tree city’s population. At a time when Pune’s peaceful environment is degrading due to dwindling green cover, the number of vehicles has been rising steadily. According to the ESR, there are 23, 33, 861 trees in the city as per the ongoing tree census. However, the report states that there were 23, 07, 942 vehicles in the city by March, 2012. It said that the total number of vehicles has increased from 9 lakh in March 2001 to 23 lakh in March 2012. Notably, two-wheelers acquire the maximum share in the vehicle population with a figure of 16.99 lakh. Jugal Rathi, president of the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Pravasi Manch, said, It is a wakeup call as it indicates deterioration of city life. Citizens are forced to buy vehicles for commuting due to poor public transport. At the same time no efforts are being made to conserve trees. In March 2010 an average 12 lakh passengers travelled in PMPML buses. By May 2012, the number of passengers has reduced to 9.67 lakh. It shows that citizens are not satisfied with the public transport.

Vehicles outnumbering trees! 2


PMC spends more on roads than buses

In a shocking revelation, city NGO Parisar has found that the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) spends a whopping 59 per cent of its transport budget of Rs 986 crores on constructing flyovers and road widening and only 16 per cent on buying buses. According to the Parisar study, the money allocated to transportation is more than the funds allocated to education, health, sanitation and slum rehabilitation all put together. Parisar founder director, Sujit Patwardhan said, “We are only getting better and better at moving private vehicles, even as lakhs of people continue to remain stranded on the road. This clearly shows the civic body favours the contractors over the commuters.”



Mini buses in congested areas of the city

AS city’s traffic problems are worsening day by day, bus commuters groups have demanded that the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) – the city’s public bus transport company, should introduce mini buses in the congested areas of the city. The traffic problems are more severe in the highly congested areas of the city.
PMP Pravasi Sangh Jugal Rathi, which has made the demand, has pointed out that, the congested areas of the city have narrow roads. PMPML should introduce 25 seater mini buses in the congested areas. The mini buses should be available at a frequency of every five minutes. The Sangh said that more number of buses can be purchased in the available funds earmarked for buses. The introduction of mini buses will help in reducing traffic congestion and also reduce accidents. There have been many fatal mishaps in the congested areas of the city.
Traffic officials agree that public transport in the city should be improved by all possible measures. The officials also point out that the Pune Municipal Corporation should take strict action against encroachments on roads and footpaths.

mini bus