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Ganesh Festival one of the largest festivals in Maharashtra is on doorstep. Preparations for the festival have already begun in the city. Here we look at ill effects of the festival on environment and probable solutions for it.
Most of the times idols are made up of Plaster of Paris and coloured using oil paints which are not degradable and creates water pollution if immersed in river. Along with the idol, there are several accessories used during the worship which is collectively referred to as ‘Nirmalya’. These include flowers, fruits, coconuts, cloth, incense, camphor etc. Further, many people create elaborate temples out of thermocole to decorate their idols. Until some years ago, all these were also immersed along with the idols.
In last few years, PMC had built several artificial tanks to immerse of Ganpati idols and ‘Kalashes’ to receive ‘Nirmalya’. But the tanks were insufficient and were get full very soon. Also, PMC employees stood on idols hurting people’s sentiments. The water in tank became stinky and dirty forcing them to immerse idol in river.
To overcome this problem, we can use idols made up of clay and natural colours. Number and size of idol should be limited. Decoration should be recyclable.
The immersion procession goes on for hours and the traffic in Pune comes to standstill. And it also results in noise pollution. Loudspeakers can create problem to hospitals, old age homes, and educational institutes. Every year the police vows to finish immersion by dawn the next day and every year they fail, as the over-enthusiastic mandals break ranks and defy the police pleas to move faster.
To refrain from noise pollution loud music and fire crackers should be avoided. Speakers should be played within limited period and people should obey rules.  More mandals means more noise more pollution and more dumped garbage. Instead of celebrating the same festivals at different mandals, make a huge mandal in the community.

ecofriendly ganesh


Children from city make their own cobras for worshipping

Children from the city do not wait anymore for a snake charmer to bring a cobra to their doorstep on the Nag Panchami day. Instead, they make their own cobras to worship during the festival. This has been happening as a consequence of a concerted effort made by the volunteers of the Pune Snake Park towards educating children to avoid worship of live snakes. The campaign has borne fruits as the practice of worshipping live snakes has nearly stopped in the city. With the festival of snakes scheduled on July 23, awareness programmes are being conducted in the city’s schools where students are being informed about the importance of snakes in human life and are also taught to make models of cobra using clay. The workshop commenced by informing the students that the practice of worshipping live snakes during Nag Panchami celebrations is wrong and leads to either to their death or causes physical harm to the snakes. The children attending the workshop make clay models of cobras, also vowed to use them for puja on the Nag Panchami day.

Source:  Sakaltimes, 20 July 2012, Internet edition.

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Ban on use of animals during visarjan

Several cases were registered against Ganesh mandals last year for using animals during visarjan procession, which were in violation of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Pune police had registered cases against at least five Ganesh mandals. The complaints were registered after several animal welfare organisations lodged a complaint. Hence, Pune Police Commissioner appealed to mandals to avoid the use of animals during Ganesh visarjan.
Mandals can use animals for the first two hours, and later use vehicles to pull the carts. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has details that point out how animals should be treated. About giving them rest every three hours, feeding them and also keeping them off noise pollution. Ganesh mandals should to avoid using animals during procession.

Ban on use of animals during visarjan


Additional buses during the Ganesh festival

The PMPML will run additional buses from 21 locations at night hours during the 10-day Ganesh festival. The additional bus service will be provided depending on the passenger rush. For buses operating after 10pm, the PMPML will charge 25% additional fare. Monthly and daily pass holders will be able to use their passes for the special buses only till midnight. Since some roads are closed during the festival, the buses will take alternative routes.
The buses will operate on the following routes – Swargate to Pune station; Swargate to Hadapsar/Kondhwa; Dengle bridge to Hadapsar; PMC Bhavan to Bhosari, Chinchwad, Nigdi, Vishrantwadi, Khadki Bazaar; Congress Bhavan bus terminus to Kothrud depot; Deccan to Kothrud depot; Katraj to Swargate; PMC Bhavan to Pashan and Sutarwadi; Dhankawadi to Swargate; and from Bhosari, Akurdi, Pimprigaon, Masulkar Colony in Pimpri-Chinchwad to PMC Bhavan.

2Additional buses during the Ganesh festival


Preparation for Immersion

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and citizens’ organizations had urged citizens to choose for environment-friendly measures to avoid pollution of rivers. People have been urged not to deep their idols into the river.
PMC has declared its plans to ensure trouble-free Ganesh immersion this year. Temporary immersion tanks and containers for Nirmalya have been set up across the city. The PMC will also appoint life guards and install generators and loudspeakers at ghats. Total 130 life guards and fire brigade officers will be at ghats. Ropes have been put along the ghats and in the riverbed to prevent people from falling into the water. A public address system will be used to give safety instructions.
The fire brigade too is prepared for eventualities like fire or drowning incidents. The fire brigade will also provide help people immerse their idols.  The fire brigade has also urged Ganesh mandals to take precautions to prevent fire. Hallogen and powerful lights should be kept away from the pandal cloth, and electricity supply from a single point should be avoided.
Immersion ghats where the PMC has made necessary arrangements include Sangam ghat, Nene/Apte ghat, Vrudheshwar ghat, Omkareshwar ghat, Ashtabhuja temple (Narayan Peth), Pulachi wadi, Bapughat (Narayan Peth), Vitthal mandir (Alka chowk), behind Garware college, Thosarpaga ghat, Dattawadi ghat, Rajarampul ghat, Aundhgaon ghat, Chima Udyan, Yerewada, Bundgarden ghat and Warje-Karvenagar.



Merging of mandals leaving streets free from obstructions

Ganesh festival is always associated with crowded streets and traffic congestion. Concerned about this, a group of traders in Raviwar Peth, came together to find a solution. Their efforts resulted in five mandals, two of them being more than a century old, merging together to form one mandal, thus taking five pendals off the narrow streets of Raviwar Peth.
The Akhil Kapadganj Ganeshotsav Mandal, took their Ganesh temple off the streets last year. This year, they have decided to erect a scaffolding to put up their display and allow vehicular traffic from underneath.
The mandal was formed with the merger of Someshwar Mandal, Rajasthani Sangh, Krishna Mitra Mandal, Laxminarayan Mitra Mandal and Ganesh Mitra Mandal, which united to have a common celebration and to jointly undertake social activities.



Re-immersion of Ganesh idols in river by PMC

For all its harping on an eco-friendly,non-river polluting Ganeshotsav,and Mayor Vaishali Bankars urge for green idols and better handling of the immersion process, PMC is using the cover of night to remove idols from immersion tanks and re-immerse  them into the Mula.
This came to light around 3 am on Monday when some workers of a local mandal and NCP functionary Sameer Nikam saw several PMC trucks collecting idols from the immersion tanks,taking them to Sangamwadi bridge and dumping them over the railing into the river. About four to five people were standing on the PMC trucks and throwing idols into the river without any consideration. They tried to oppose this ‘second’ immersion on the banks of Mula in the wee hours of Monday. A similar incident took place on Sunday night at Vridheswar Ghat.
These idols were family idols which are immersed five days after the Ganesh Festival gets underway.PMC had identified 17 ghats for the immersion of idols,where 56 makeshift tanks have been built.