Problem of Common Washroom

Washroom is common problem in city. The condition of the public toilets in city is very poor and many are not usable. There are no water and dustbin facilities in the toilets. Slippery floor, improper ventilation, improper lighting, improper placed toilets, uncomfortable spacing, stinking surroundings are trademark of Pune’s washroom. Washrooms in city were insufficient to fulfil needs of vast number of people during visarjan.
Washroom on road behind Kothrud stand is worst washroom ever, it has very little space and it stink all the time leading to suffocation while passing by the road. Washroom on Sinhgad is so bad that no one even dare to enter. At station, washrooms have not been cleaned regularly and therefore it is haven for mosquitoes and other pathogens.
Nowadays, there are many newly build toilets which are not open till date. On Satara road, drainage holes are right in front of entrance of common washroom and it becomes useless. Due to such poor toilets the surroundings become unhygienic which may cause infection and other disease.