Police plan to replicate bus bay success at other stops

Looking at the success of a bus bay near Ranade Institute on the Fergusson College Road, the Pune police are planning to replicate it at some of the other bus stops too in the city. The traffic police, PMC and PMPML has started the trials from July 12, 2012 after suggestions from different NGOs like the Pedestrian First and PMP Pravasi Manch. In a bus bay, the buses get a clear access right up to the bus stop, as parking of any vehicles is barred with an iron barrier along the bay. Under the arrangement, the commuters can safely board and alight from the buses at the bus stops. They need not wait on the road to board a bus. it is more convenient and also safe for the senior citizens. This also helps in smooth flow of the traffic as the buses leave a clear carriageway for other vehicles. Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic) Vishwas Pandhare said the trials of the bus bay near Ranade Institute are going on pretty well, which could be replicated at a few more bus stops in the city.



Disappearance of PMPML bus stops

Missing PMPML bus stops in the vicinity of E-Square multiplex and another two bus stops near Lokmangal branch of Bank of Maharashtra has inconvenienced commuters. A local corporator has alleged that the bus stops have been removed by local businessmen as they were facing inconvenience due to the halting of buses at the stops.
In the absence of bus stops, the passengers are forced to wait for buses under the sun for the last three days.
When PMPML authorities visited the spots, they found that the iron pillars of the bus stop structures had been cut and the structures removed.


धोकादायक प्रवास :

परंतु मागील काही दिवस पीएमपीएल व्यवस्थेचा जो बोजवारा उडाला आहे त्यावरून खरच हि सेवा सक्षम आहे का याचा प्रश्न पडतो. मागील काही दिवस ठेकेदार आणि प्रशासन यांच्यात भाडे थकबाकी वरून बसेस रस्त्यावर येत नाही त्यामुळे लोकांना त्रास सहन करावा लागत आहे. स्कूलबस वेळेवर नसल्याने विद्याथ्यांचे हाल होत आहेत यावर कहर म्हणजे अनेक नादुरुस्त बसेस

रस्त्यावर धावत आहेत ज्यामुळे अपघात होण्याचा धोखा अधिक आहे. अनेक बसेसच्या खिद्क्याच्या काचाच नसलेल्या निदर्शनात येत आहे,आशा अनेक बसेस काळ नगर रस्त्यावर धावताना दिसल्या नगररोडवर पीएमपीच्या बसने प्रवास करण्यार्‍यांची संख्या मोठी असून, त्याप्रमाणे सुविधा देण्यात पीएमपी अपयशी ठरले असल्याचे निदर्शनास आले आहे. हडपसर ते वाघोली या मार्गावर चालणार्‍या पीएमपी बसच्या (एमएच-१२/डीटी ९११0) खिडक्याच गायब असल्याचे मंगळवारी बायपास चौकात बस हडपसरकडे जात असताना आढळून आले. या बसच्या संपूर्ण काचेच्या खिडक्याच गायब असल्याने ऐन पावसाळ्यात बसने प्रवास करणार्‍या प्रवाशांना बसला छत असूनही भिजत जावे लागत आहे. प्रशासनाने यावर त्वरीत उपाय करणे गरजेचे आहे.

नवीन बसथांब्यावर महापौरांचा आक्षेप

पुणे महानगर परिवहन महामंडळ (पीएमपी) अध्यक्षांच्या सूचनेनुसार जुने बसथांबे काढून नवीन स्वरूपाचे थांबे उभारण्यात येत आहेत. मात्र, मुंबई महापालिकेच्या धर्तीवर उभारण्यात येणारे बसथांबे नागरिकांच्या सोयीचे नाहीत, असा आक्षेप महापौर यांनी घेतला आहे.

महापालिकेअंतर्गत पीएमपीच्या बसथांब्याची दुरवस्था झाली होती. त्यामुळे पीएमपीचे प्रभारी अध्यक्ष व सरव्यवस्थापक यांनी मुंबईच्या धर्तीवर कमी खर्चातील बसथांबे उभारण्याविषयीचे पत्र नगरसेवकांना दिले होते. त्यामुळे सर्व पक्षातील नगरसेवकांनी नवीन स्टेनलेस स्टील थांबे उभारण्याची कामे सुरू केली आहेत. मात्र, त्याविषयी नागरिकांच्या तक्रारी आल्या आहेत. उन्हाळा व पावसाळ्य़ात बसथांब्यावर उभे राहिल्यानंतर प्रवाशांचे संरक्षण होणार नाही. नवीन बसथांब्याच्या डिझाईनविषयी अनेक तक्रारी आहेत. त्यापार्श्‍वभूमीवर बसथांब्यांच्या डिझाईनमध्ये दुरुस्ती करण्यात यावी, अशा सूचना महापौर यांनी पीएमपी अध्यक्षांना दिल्या आहेत.

ऊन व पावसापासून नागरिक व प्रवाशांना संरक्षण मिळण्यासाठी बसथांबे उभारले जातात. परंतु, नवीन बसथांब्यामध्ये अनेक त्रुटी आहेत. त्यामध्ये आवश्यक सुधारणा करून बसथांबे उभारण्याच्या सूचना दिल्या आहेत.

सौजन्य: लोकमत, फेब्रुवारी’१४

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Commuters regret lack of bus shelters

A PMPML official said the Sangvi Phata bus stand had been removed when the road widening work started last year and would be reinstalled after the completion of the work. “While for the other stops, a survey will be conducted to gauge the number of people using it. According a decision will be taken on the issue,” he said.



PMC sets aside land in 5 octroi posts to park buses

Elected members in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) approved a proposal to provide land in five octroi posts to the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) for parking and carrying out maintenance work.

“Civic land where octroi posts were operating have been vacant since the state decided to impose Local Body Tax. We decided to provide land in Shewalwadi, Bhekrainagar, Chandannagar, Shindewadi and Bhugaon to the transport utility ,“ mayor Dattatreya Dhankawde told reporters on Tuesday .

The civic body will sign an eleven-month contract with the PMPML and take back the land when it needs it.

The PMPML had asked for land saying that at least one-third of its 1,500 buses are parked on the city’s roads. Not only has this led to dangerous parking and eaten into road space, but also exposed them to thefts.

The 10 depots which the transport utility currently uses have parking space for only 1,000 buses. While there are plans for new depots, activists had sought parking spaces near the 20 octroi posts along the main roads and highways in the city and neighbouring Pimpri Chinchwad to serve as depots.

Octroi posts are situated at strategic and peripheral locations which cover Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

Civic groups had pointed out that there have been many fatal accidents in and around bus terminals at Deccan Gymkhana, near the PMC building, Katraj and Khadki Bazaar depots because of haphazard parking of buses. Many terminals have become congested. The burden of passengers and bus route operations at these terminals will reduce if additional space at octroi posts is allotted to PMPML.

Source: Timesofindia




Bus karo: Traffic police tell errant PMPML drivers

It seems that motorists, who are well aware of the reckless and indiscipline manner in which Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal (PMPML) buses are driven, are not the only ones complaining about the drivers of the city’s bus authority. Pune traffic police, annoyed with PMPML drivers, are now claiming that PMPML buses are causing traffic snarls. Cops have written to the PMPML higher-ups, asking them to direct their drivers to follow traffic rules and drive sensibly. Traffic police have also warned of action against erring drivers.

In coordination with bus authorities, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and traffic police had demarcated bus bays at the city’s important bus stops, in order to provide maximum carriage width for moving traffic in such areas. The intention was to give bus drivers an idea where to halt their buses to pick up passengers. However, cops have increasingly observed that drivers do not recognise bays and continue to halt their buses outside the marked area.

Sarang Avad, DCP (traffic), told Mirrorthat this affects the overall vehicular movement. “Drivers halt their buses bang in the middle of the road as opposed to the bus bays. This is an easy way out for them as they do not have to take an extreme left on the road and then again turn the bus right to the main carriage width. This not only causes inconvenience to other vehicles, but also for passengers waiting at the bus stops, who have to board buses from the road, which is extremely dangerous.”

Senior citizen Prabhakar Holam, who regularly commutes via PMPML buses, agreed with Avad. “On most occasions, the buses are not halted in their specified areas. We have to literally make our way through speeding traffic to board the bus. I am certain that PMPML will not take responsibility for any passenger, who gets hit in this process,” he said.

PMPML drivers also commit other violations like overtaking from the left, breaching traffic signals, etc, added Avad. Although cops can immediate action against these errant drivers, it seems traffic police have been taking the matter softly on account of PMPML being a public transport body. “I have raised these issues at our joint meeting with the PMPML authorities. I have also written to them, asking erring drivers to be pulled up,” said Avad. However, on being asked why immediate action is not being taken, Avad said doing so would mean that passengers seated in the concerned bus will have to suffer. “Hence, we have to take a soft stand. However, if they continue violating rules, we will have to take action. ”

Meanwhile, Pravin Ashtikar, joint managing director of PMPML, insisted that drivers are made to undergo regular training courses at the depot level and that the transport authority will be hosting a refresher course for their drivers. “This is done to discipline them. However, if complaints persist, we will not spare any one. Action will be taken against them,” he asserted.

Rajesh Shah, a Viman Nagar-based businessman, said he is literally scared of PMPML buses. “These buses have little respect for other vehicles on the road. I am scared each time a bus tries to overtake my car, which they mostly do from the wrong side.”

Source: Punemirror