De- beautification

Pune is fast growing city. In order to develop the city substantial augmentation and improvement of urban infrastructure are necessary. Thus, PMC had undertaken projects for beautification of the city which includes beautification of existing roads, footpaths, bus stops etc. But are they really playing a role in beautifying the city?
Nowadays, paver blocks had been used to construct footpaths. Such colourful blocks looks attractive and adds into beauty of the area. These paver blocks are easy to lay and take very little time. When we look around the city, damaged footpaths, potholes are the common sights. These blocks are getting dislodged and damaged easily. Also, such damaged footpaths force pedestrians to walk on roads. It no more serves the purpose.
It has been found that the city is smeared with posters, stickers and pamphlets. Illegal posters have been put up at all public places. The posters on bridges, telephone panels, DP boxes, electric poles, bus stops, compound walls and public toilets have defaced the city. We will not found even a single DP box or a city bus without any poster.
Chewing paan and spitting at public places is also a common sight.
This is how our city looks. Is this not our responsibility to keep the city clean and beautiful?