Chill & moisture create ideal condition for foggy mornings

The early winter chill, coupled with high levels of moisture in the air, have created conditions ideal for foggy mornings in the city. Over the past week, the minimum temperatures have regularly dipped below the normal, and the India Meteorological Department has forecast early-morning fog-like cover over the next few days.

On Sunday, the minimum temperature in the city was recorded 3.2o Celsius below normal for the day. According to IMD officials, though they do not record “fog as per meteorological terms,” but fog-like conditions will prevail in some parts of the city in the early morning hours.

As per the IMD data, the city has been witnessing unusually low temperature since November 6. The minimum temperature has remained below normal since last Tuesday. In fact, the gap between the normal minimum temperature and the actual temperature has only increased as the week progressed. On Tuesday, the city’s minimum temperature was 14.8o Celsius, which was 0.5o Celsius less than normal. By Sunday, the minimum temperature fell to 11.5o Celcius, about 3.2oCelcius less than normal.

“Right now, the northerly winds are having an impact on the city’ weather conditions. As a result, the temperatures have been low. After a couple of days, the easterly winds are likely to gain strength, and then they will have an impact on the temperature. The minimum temperature may even rise then,” said P C S Rao, the meteorological department’s senior scientist for weather forecasting.

As per IMD’s definition, “Fog is a phenomenon of small droplets suspended in air, and when the horizontal visibility is one kilometre or less.” Rao said that though the IMD has not recorded such conditions in the city yet, they are currently present in other parts of the country, especially in the northern states such as Punjab and Haryana.

Source : TOI

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