Littering in public spaces?Get ready to shell out a fine

PMC Set To Crack Whip On Offenders
It’s not also residents of villages skirting Pune’s municipal limits, but also its citizens who will have to be more careful about where they dump their trash.If a Pune Municipal Corporation proposal is cleared by its law committee, litterbugs will have to pay hefty fines ranging from Rs2,000 to Rs25,000 for a variety of offences of which littering in public spaces is one.

The other offences set to go on the radar include dumping waste on roads and in rivers.Even real-estate developers will face the music if they prove thoughtless in their disposal of construction debris.

On September 23, TOI had reported that dumping garbage in municipal limits will prove costly for fringe villages, whose committees would be told by PMC to cough up as much as Rs1lakh per infraction.

This tough stance is a part of the PMC’s `Health and Sanitation Guidelines 2017′.

The law committee is expected to take call on this proposal on Monday .“A presentation regarding the pros and cons of the fines system, and dumping of garbage was made to us,“ said law committee chief Gayatri Khadke, “We have yet to get the minute details of the fines to be imposed. They will be available to us on Monday .“

Khadke, a BJP corporator, welcomed the move as “it will create awareness among citizens on the need for proper disposal of garbage“.

She said: “We all keep our homes clean. The public spaces nearby our houses should be kept clean too. This initiative will help us achieve that purpose,“ she said. The administration had stopped dumping waste at its Uruli-Phursungi garbage depot after a major fire spread over five acres. The villagers had blocked any further dumping of garbage, and only relented after Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis assured them that a comprehensive garbage disposal plan would be formulated.

A plan was drafted after deliberations over two weeks, and submitted to the mayor’s office in May . It was during this period that the problem of villages dumping garbage in city limits had come to the fore.

“A number of steps have been taken to deter people from dumping garbage on the road or defacing the city ,“ said a PMC official, “but it has not yielded any result. Currently , the fine imposed by PMC is not enough of a deterrent. Now the civic body aims to introduce a heavy fine. It will go up to Rs25,000.“

The civic administration has the power to draft rules and laws in the larger public interest, per Suresh Jagtap, head of PMC’s solid waste management department.

“Even fines can be imposed on those engaged in unlawful activity,“ he said. “This move was taken keeping in mind the health and hygiene of the city ,“ Jagtap added.

According to official data with the PMC, the city generates nearly 1,600 metric tonnes of garbage every day .

Source : TOI