PMC has not ditched Ganeshkhind flyover

After Mirror report, potholes and ditches along arterial route have finally been covered up, much to the relief of commuters
Ever since the rainy season began, hordes of commuters regularly using the Ganeshkhind Road flyover had been troubled by a number of potholes that had cropped up on the stretch, which also happened to be endangering their lives significantly. However, fortunately for them, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) seems to finally have resolved the issue on the vital thoroughfare, soon after it was highlighted in a report on August 22 by Pune Mirror.Starting from the crowded University Chowk, the trenches and ditches that had formed on the road had rendered the stretch a nightmare -and, with no repairs in sight, citizens were clamouring for the immediate attention of the authorities to prevent a seri ous accident.

Narendra Salunkhe, assistant commissioner of the PMC projects department, told Mirror, “I instructed project department officials to visit the spot. The help of the road department’s mobile maintenance van was taken to clear the potholes immediately after the problem was identified.“

Motorists, meanwhile, were thanking their stars. Said Prashant Wagle, “At least PMC cleared the potholes immediately after the issue was reported -a huge relief indeed for thousands of commuters who use this flyover daily. Better protocols need to be set for road and flyover maintenance so that such a hassle does not take place repeatedly.“ Another commuter, Ashutosh Ubale, added, “I am happy the problem is solved as at least motorists can use this stretch safely now. We are all fortunate no major accident occurred during this time. There is always high risk during this season.“

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Source : Mirror