Kothrud resident helps avert road accidents by using TOI phone app

An open manhole off Paud Road in Bhusari Colony had been worrying local resident Udayan Guha for a long time. It had been opened up a few months ago for some road work, but not closed properly since then.

Besides the foul smell, Guha was more worried about the risk it posed for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Evaluating his options in getting the problem rectified, Guha decided to try out the TOI Citizen Reporter app as a means to move the civic body.

Guha, who works as a software professional with an IT company, downloaded the application on his mobile phone and used it to upload an image of the manhole and the make-shift arrangement that had been done by some locals to keep it closed.

While posting the image of the problem, Guha also gave a short description, including the risk it was posing to the locals, urging the Pune Municipal Corporation to urgently rectify the problem.

Guha’s post on the TOI Citizen Reporter app was promptly published in The Times of India. It was noticed by the civic officials who not only visited the spot, but also corrected the problem being posed by the open manhole.

It has now been closed in the correct manner, with a concrete cover that fits perfectly on the manhole.

Expressing his satisfaction on the work done, Guha told TOI, “I have noticed that the work has been completed to quite satisfactory results. Thanks to TOI and PMC, what could have been a major accident has been averted. The manhole had only a make-shift cover made of stuff like cardboard. A cobbler sits right next to it and anyone could have fallen into the manhole as the footfall near the spot is quite high.”

Describing his experience of using the TOI Citizen Reporter mobile app, Guha said, “I am happy I used it. It got the authorities to respond and do the needful.”

Source : TOI