PMRDA to hold workshops on ring road development

To Assuage Worries Of Landowners
The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) will hold workshops to educate people on the role of town planning schemes in the ring road project on July 15. Officials hope this will go a long way in easing the worries of those who will be affected by the acquisition of land for the ring road as well as the 20 or more town planning schemes.Furthermore, the authority is banking on the lure of 50% fully-developed plots and additional FSI to be given to landowners in lieu of plot given for the project.

If everything goes well, the authorities hope to begin the process of acquiring land for the first town planning scheme, which will be a part of the first phase of the 129-km ring road from December.

The PMRDA took the decision to conduct the workshop after few farmers raised concerns over parting with their land for the project. The works hop will tell the farmers how they stand to gain by giving their land to the project, which aims to boost connectivity in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad as well as decongest a few key areas.

“Those who stand to be affected by the project expressed their concerns. We explained to them that the town planning schemes will only be good to those areas, and also that we will hold workshops to help them understand this better.The first workshop will be held on July 15. We will hold more workshops,“ PMRDA chief Kiran Gitte said.

“Those who part with their land either for the road or for town planning will stand to benefit, as they will get back half their land which is developed.It would fetch them better rates,“ Gitte added, expressing confidence that once they understand the benefits, landowners will not have a problem in giving their land.

Source : TOI