Blame bumpy road rides on `missing’ PMC plan cell

Repairs Done After Visual Inspection
The city is perennially caught in a traffic tangle, but the Pune Municipal Corporation has no plan to maintain and develop its road network.There is no systematic record of work carried out in the past. Worse, road works are planned in ad hoc manner each year on the basis of visual inspection of roads and complaints from the citizens.

Rajendra Raut, the chief engineer of the civic body’s road department, said, “There is no separate planning cell in the road department. The planning and execution team plays dual role.“

The Standing Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) appointed by the PMC earlier following the high court order had stated, “Considering the huge network of roads in Pune, a systematic planning is required for its periodic improvement and overlays at regular interval. But the road department does not have any separate planning cell.The site employees undertaking the work execution is required to undertake planning for the work. Enough thought is not given to planning because of staff shortage and heavy workload.“

Activist Vivek Velankar said, “It is more than three years the report is lying with the PMC and no action has been taken. In the name of road development and repair, the PMC spends crores every year and still citizens don’t get good quality roads.“

The STAC report adds that if a separate planning cell is formed, the work can be taken up in a phased manner, necessary investigation can be carried out before proposing road treatment and proper line of action in all areas can be worked out. But municipal officials do not se em to feel the need for this.

Little wonder then, there is no systematic update of the road length by the PMC. According to earlier details, the road length of various widths is approximately 2,100km.

Source : TOI