PMPML to nail rash bus drivers with CCTV footage from cops

The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) will seek information and data from the Pune police about its bus drivers paying no heed to traffic regulations, include jumping of signals and rash driving, in the late hours.

Commuters have claimed they have had close shaves involving rashly driven PMPML buses. Chairman and managing director of the transport body Tukaram Mundhe told TOI they were taking a serious view of the issue.

“We will act against violators of traffic rules with help from the police. Breaking traffic rules is not acceptable. We will identify offenders and action will follow,“ Mundhe said.

Darshan Padwal, who lives in Kondhwa, said the biggest problems were near the PMC bus stand. “I start from my workplace around 8.30pm. The other day , I had just crossed the building and the intersec tion ahead was completely crammed with PMPML buses coming and going from all directions. I tried to cross but the buses won’t let me. They were parking, turning, moving at the same time and the chaos continued for half an hour. There were so many other vehicles waiting to go past but the buses were almost blocking them. This is common practice here,“ Padwal said.

Ankush Rathi, another commuter, who has to pass Juna Bazaar every evening, said he has had many close shaves.

“There is a proper signal with timings and vehicles pass according to the signal.On two occasions, I have been almost hit by buses which suddenly decided to move.Two months ago, I almost fell down but regained balance. It was around 9pm and there were no policemen at the intersection. I had to shout at the bus driver. The authorities must do something. These are heavy vehicles and an accident means death,“ Rathi, who lives near Camp area, said.

Commuter Arun Satam said, “These buses drive at top speed on empty roads in Fatimanagar. Seldom do they wait for signals, “ Satam added.

PMPML officials said they will seek CCTV footage. “We will identify the buses after getting hold of the footage and nail them. A suspension or a dismissal, may be initiated. We plan to educate the drivers on traffic rules and road safety more frequently,“ another official said.

Source : TOI