Now, haphazard parking takes over Shivajinagar

Despite no-parking zone irresponsible citizens are placing vehicles illegally, worsening traffic jams during peak hours
Haphazard parallel parking at the hands of irresponsible citizens has struck again -this time, on the stretch along Modern Engineering College in Shivajinagar. Despite the stretch being declared a no-parking zone by local traffic police, area residents and commuters have been complaining that careless people are parking their vehicles illegally, creating dangers for motorists and pedestrians alike, especially during peak hours. Now, the irate protestors are demanding stringent action against violators of traffic rules, saying that congestion on this route has already become unbearable.Bhushan Patil, a commuter who regularly uses this road, explained, “Traffic police declared the 200-meter stretch from the College of Engineering to Modern College Chowk a no-parking zone, even installing signboards to caution users. Still we see vehicles parked randomly, even below these boards. Most of these belong to students and other visitors who come to the college and school in the area.Thousands of people who come to Jangli Maharaj Road and Ghole Road also use this spot to park vehicles, and there just isn’t enough space for their twoand four-wheelers.“

He elaborated, “Vehicles are strewn around on both sides of the road without bothering if they are an obstruction for movement of traffic, leading to jams. Traffic chaos is a given on this route, and the problem is increasing in the face of the traffic police’s laxity. In fact, two-wheelers being driven on the wrong side of the road are also a common sight here. The traffic department really needs to look into these issues and end the hardships of lawabiding citizens.“

Shankar Damse, police inspector (traffic) for Shivajinagar police station, said, “We conduct drives on a regular basis against no-parking rule violations here. I will instruct my team to increase their attention to this during peak hours and start penalising more lawbreakers. We also seek the cooperation of citizens to park vehicles only in identified parking zones. Action will be taken against those who do not comply.“

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Source : TOI