Existing fleet & not AC buses priority: Mundhe

Transport Body’s Focus Is On IT-Based Services
Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) chairman and managing director Tukaram Mundhe has downplayed the need for air-conditioned buses for the city but added that 100 public transport buses, which have been lying defunct in the workshop, will be made roadworthy within the next two months.Mundhe told TOI that the important issue at hand was ensuring that buses in the existing fleet were made fit to be used on road.

“It is a fact that the PMPML wants new buses. But one has to keep in mind and work towards a system in which the existing fleet is made operational. As far as AC buses are concerned, they will come but then we have to create a proper infrastructure for them so that they run successfully and don’t develop tech nical problems. PMPML is currently working towards achieving the same. The focus is on information technology guided systems,“ Mundhe said.

Senior officials, during a meeting on Tuesday , expressed displeasure over the fact defunct buses have not been made operational even more than a month after he joined and despite the fact that new plans had been made for their revival in terms of maintenance.

“There are 100 buses which are non-functional at this moment as their bodies are old and worn out. They are in no posi tion to hit the road. We are looking at options on whether the body building can be done locally or some agency needs to be appointed for the same. We expect to make them roadworthy within two to three months.About the AC buses, one can say that they will come as well as several new buses of different kinds. However, we should give these projects more time rather than just rush into things,“ Mundhe said.

In earlier talks, Jugal Rathi, president of the PMP Pravasi Manch, had also echoed the same view. “When the BRT project was in a testing stage years’ back, PMPML had bought some AC buses and their operations were started. However, within months’, the buses developed snags and they are still lying in the workshop. The focus should be on better use of existing fleet rather than bringing new buses right now,“ Rathi had said.

Mundhe said he does not want a repeat of the earlier incident. “The resources and money cannot be wasted. Several things need to be taken care of before new buses are introduced,“ the senior official said.

Source : TOI