Fatimanagar residents fume over dust from drainage line digging

The residents of Fatimanagar have flagged concerns over the rising dust pollution because the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) contractor has left the work of laying the underground drainage line incomplete on a 300m road from the Diamond Bakery Lane to Manish Darshan on the PuneSolapur highway.

The construction work of laying the drainage line started more than a month ago, but it is going at a snail’s space. The places where the road has been dug up have not been tarred and the rising dust pollution has made the life of residents miserable and impacted business as well.

Businessman Saifuddin Hamza Khalil said, “The laying of drainage line has stopped since a week. I spray water in the morning and evening on the mud accumulated outside my shop to control dust pollution but in vain. The situation has deteriorated because the PCB has stopped cleaning the road.“

Resident Rajesh Changediya said, “It has become difficult for us to operate because of dust pollution as the work of drainage line is going on for more than a month.To skip traffic signal, motorists coming from Pune-Solapur highway take a left turn from Manish Darshan apartment to reach Fatimanagar and Wanowrie. The passing of vehicles increase dust and noise pollution.“ “The dust pollution can be curbed if the traffic police installs no entry sign boards and bans plying of vehicles coming from Manish Darshan temporarily till the PCB tars the road,“ Changediya suggested.

BSNL sub divisional engineer S S Raut said, “Around 40 consumers were affected as three cable lines between Deshpande hospital and Krishna apartments were damaged because of the laying of drainage line. We have started repairing the lines after the PCB contractor refused to bear the expenses.“

D N Yadav, PCB chief executive officer, said, “The work of laying the drainage line started late after the tenders were finalised in February, 2017. The contractor had stopped the work because of technical reasons such as the financial year came to an end on March 31. We have now approved the budget in the new financial year to continue with the work in the general body meeting held around two days ago. I have issued a work order to the contractor and work will start in two days’ time. As soon as the project is completed we will tar the road and the problem of dust pollution will be solved.“

PCB elected member Vinod Mathurawala said, “The drainage line has been replaced after a span of 45 years to resolve problems of choking as large number of residential apartments have come up here. The contractor is taking time to complete the project as water lines and electricity cables were damaged while digging the road.We have restored the repaired water lines and electricity cables on a priority to avoid inconvenience to residents.“

Source : TOI