Baner residents take the lead to make roads safer

Residents of Baner and Balewadi have taken the initiative to make the roads in their neighbourhood safer for all.

Volunteers of the Baner Balewadi Residents Association have formed a traffic committee to look into the problems plaguing their area. The committee met for the first time on Sunday , just a day before the accident on Baner Road that claimed the life of a Isha Vishwakarma (3) and her mother, Pooja.

Formed with a mission to improve the safety and efficiency of traffic, the 16-member committee has decided to approach the problems from four angles -infrastructure, public transport, enforcement of traffic rules and awareness. The committee has formed four sub-teams to work on each of these problem areas.

The panel has charted out both shortand long-term goals for improving the traffic situation. Committee member Sanjeev Singh said, “Baner Road has become extremely dangerous. Gone are the days when we could cycle on it for long distances. We don’t even allow our children to step out of the residential societies. As residents, it is our responsibility to solve the problems.“ He added, “ We also know our areas better than anybody else. We can assist the police and the civic body and are commited to meeting regularly to realise our objectives.“

Haphazard development on both sides, poor civic in frastructure, ever-increasing traffic and disregard for rules have made the 7-km road from University junction to Hotel Sadanand one of the most accident-prone stretches in the city.

Source : TOI