ON THE WRONG SIDE – Chaos, confusion on KK Market Rd

Bikers Ride Against The Traffic Flow
With shops on both sides of the road, the crowded KK Market area tests shoppers’ bargaining skills and motorists for their dexterity in manoeuvring vehicles. The stretch along Pune-Satara Road is known to be perpetually chaotic.Vehicular congestion as well as encroachments on the street lead to rampant violations of traffic norms. Locals points out that driving on the wrong side of the road is among the most frequent violations. “Between Balajinagar and KK Market area two-wheelers are frequently seen driving on the wrong side of the road,“ said CV Narayanan, a resident.

The KK Market and Balajinagar area is densely populated and, until 2000, the area was under Dhankawadi grampanchayat. “ A sizeable number of housing societies in this area were constructed when it was under the grampanchayat and that’s why most societies are short on parking space. This eventually leads to roadside parking, creating congestion on the narrow KK Market Road,“ explained Sachin Singhavi, a social activist from the area.

Besides, hawkers and ve getable vendors also conduct business along the road, furt her eating up crucial space.

“Further, shoppers park the ir bikes right in front of the shops and hawkers sit along the road in the evening. In such a situation, when motorists drive on the wrong side of the road in order to avoid taking a U-turn further ahead, the chaos only worsens,“ Singhavi added.

Two-wheeler riders heading to the petrol up located at the mouth of KK Market Road also indulge in wrong-side driving when they travel towards Balajinagar on the other side of the road. “Mainly, the chronic offenders include two-wheeler riders travelling from Kashinath Patil Na gar, Punyai Nagar and Balajinagar towards either KK Market, Bibwewadi or Kondhwa. They usually travel on the wrong side of the road just to avoid a detour from Pune-Satara Road,“ said Visharant Loni, a resident.

In an effort to check the situation, the local traffic police have deployed more officers in the area during evening hours, when the flow of traffic and instances of wrong-side driving escalates.

Prabhakar Dhage, police inspector with the Bharati Vidyapeeth traffic division, stated, “We register around 20 to 25 cases of wrong-side driving on a daily basis. We have increased police presence around the area during peak hours and this has helped rein in the offences related to such violations. At the same time, people needs to be sensitised as well.“

Source : TOI