Army blocks four key roads in Wanowrie

Residents Take Longer Routes To Reach Camp
Around 400 residents living on Right Flank Road in Wanowrie were severely inconvenienced after local military authorities closed four roads to restrict the movement of traffic for security reasons on Monday evening.The barricades and barriers were set up on a road next to Command Hospital, two on Right Flank Road and one on Staveley Road.

These thoroughfares also link a large number of road users from Wanowrie to Staveley Road, Right Flank Road, Napier Road, Cross Road, the skin ward of the hospital and the office of the principal directorate of defence estates, Southern Command, Pune, the nursing cadet mess, Kondhwa Road, Salisbury Park, Golibar Maidan, Shankarseth Road and Camp.

Thousands of people driving from Kondhwa Road heavily depend on them for access to Cross Road, Right Flank Road, Wanowrie, Fatimanagar, Bhairobanala and Royal Western India Turf Club and PuneSolapur highway .

A large number of defence forces residing in the vicinity also use these roads.

Many residents were taken aback by the sudden closure and they have threatened an agitation if the roads are not opened quickly .

Elected member of Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) Vinod Mathurawala on Tuesday said the board has not passed any resolution about closing the roads and the army authorities did not issue a public notice cautioning people against using the roads.

“The sudden closure is causing severe inconvenience to the residents and the armymen. The roads are used by thousands of motorists,“ he added. Mathurawala said he would submit a memorandum to sub area commander Brig A K Tyagi who is also the president of the PCB to re-open the roads forthwith.

“If the army authorities feel that the roads have been closed for security reasons, then they should issue identity cards to the residents and allow them to use the roads,“ he added.

PCB’s chief executive officer D N Yadav said if the roads are on A-1 (defence) land, then the army authorities need not take permission from the PCB to close them.

“We are not aware of the closure of these roads as we have not been consulted. If the ro ads are on C (cantonment) land, then the roads cannot be closed,“ Yadav added.

Rohit Gera, managing director of Gera Development, who owns a bungalow on Right Flank Road said, “The closure of the roads is not as per the law as there are clear guidelines to be followed. The army authorities have not followed these norms and that is most unfortunate. The guidelines are clear about what types of cases the roads can be blocked.“

The cantonment came into existence during the British era and the place was located outside the city limit. The place has now become a part of the city. The army should respond and respect citizens, he added.

Source : TOI