70 stations to record Pune’s noise pattern

MPCB & NEERI Study To Cover 27 Cities
The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has roped in National Environmental Engineering Institute (NEERI) to undertake an expansive study to get the complete picture of noise pollution in urban areas across the state.The institute will set up noise monitoring stations at more than 70 locations around Pune, officials said. It is the first such study of this scale in the country , they added.

Project leader and senior scientist at NEERI Ritesh Vijay said this type of pollution has not been given enough attention. “Noise is present everywhere you go in an urban setting. With the project, we will study noise pollution across the state by constantly monitoring its levels in different locations, categorise them by source, and prepare a database for the authorities to manage the issue,“ he said.

A Bombay high court order on several public interest liti gations (PILs) against noise pollution had started the idea in 2016. The high court had then suggested to MPCB to undertake noise mapping to understand the pattern of this pollution. MPCB contacted NEERI to begin the study in January .

“NEERI chairman chose the team and initially the plan was to study 10 cities which later expanded to 27 cities. In the Pune zone, seven different cities will be covered,“ Vijay said.

In Pune, because of its scale, the team will set up between 70 and 80 noise pollution monitoring stations.

NEERI has begun conduc ting workshops at each of the zones to chalk out and research the implementation plan. “We have conducted one such workshop with MPCB and civic body officials in Mumbai, and the next one is scheduled in Nagpur. A week after that, we will conduct the workshop for Pune zone,“ he said.

Vijay said such a large-scale study on noise pollution has never been conducted in the country .“A lot of data will be generated and the classification as well as its usage to improve the situation of these urban areas will be clearer once we have finished discussion with the concerned authorities.“

Source : TOI