PMPML tightens noose on violators

FIRs Against People Who Tamper With Bus Passes
The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) has decided to lodge criminal cases against those tampering with and misusing bus passes issued by the transport authority .Speaking to TOI, Anant Waghmare, the general manager (operations) of PMPML, said with cheating cases regarding the passes on the rise, causing revenue loss to PMPML, first information reports (FIR) will be lodged against those found to be misusing the passes.

In addition, a proposal to revamp the monthly bus pass issuance structure to avoid confusion and forgery has been put forward for approval.

“People are tampering with bus passes in many ways.This is causing heavy losses.We believe lodging criminal cases against such people will act as a deterrent. Instructions have been issued about filing FIRs against anybody found indulging in this practice. In addition, the person will be blacklisted and will no longer be issued any bus pass ever,“ the senior official said.

“It is really important we change the system of issuing monthly bus passes. Under the current system, anyone can apply for a bus pass anytime.So, one can go to a counter and get the pass after paying the fee and providing a copy of a photo identity card. Since the pass can be issued any day , it sometimes causes confusion when the date extends to the next month,“ he said.

He said there are many people who change the dates on the passes with the help of colo ur scanners, printers or by other methods. “For example, February 6 is sometimes changed to February 16 or February 26. Then there are people who forge passes. There have been instances when middle-aged working professionals have been caught travelling with students’ pass. In four recent cases, when the bus conductors suspected foul play , the men just ran away ,“ Waghmare said. The official added instructions had been sent to bus conductors to check passes.

“It has been proposed that the passes will be issued on a monthly basis and will not spill over to the next month.Though things are presently being discussed, it has been proposed that the passes will be issued on the first of each month and will be valid only until the 30th or 31st of the same month. If this system is introduced, the confusions will be far less. In order to implement this system, a proper mechanism with more changes will need to be introduced so that people do not face problems,“ the official told TOI.

Source : TOI