PMC snips video clips in NCP’s poll ad campaign

Party uses civic staff quotes lauding cleanliness in CDs for review, even as city battles waste issues
The election department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has raised objections to the video clips submitted by the civic body’s ruling party, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), for poll advertisement, saying that they contain quotes of corporation employees going gaga over cleanliness in the city at a time when the garbage problem is plaguing almost every ward.The department has denied permission to 15 election campaign advertisements put forward by the NCP. As per the state election commission (SEC) guidelines, PMC has formed a committee to scrutinise video clips, election materials of advertisement in print, radio and television. The committee has to check any advertisement material and suggest to the party or aspirant concerned to remove objectionable quotes, words, letters or sentences.

Elaborating on this, committee head Prakash Borse, chief of PMC’s central store department, said, “We have received 21 video clips in a CD from the NCP. Of those, we have sanctioned only six advertisements, suggesting cuts on the rest. The reason is that in all these advertisements, the party has used interviews of corporation employees explaining different schemes related to solid waste management, social development among others. We have raised an objection to that. Although the NCP is the ruling party in the corporation, they have done things to launch different schemes, but cannot use any PMC employee in their advertisements. We suggested cuts on that bit and said they should resend it to us for approval.“

Complying with the election department’s suggestions, Ashok Rathi, executive president of NCP’s city unit, said, “The department suggested the removal of some parts from our video advertisements. We have done that.“

In November 2016, NCP’s city unit chief and MP, Vandana Chavan, had criticised PMC for not tackling the garbage issue properly. Chavan had said, “The administration is not seriously addressing the garbage problem despite continuous follow-ups.“

Now, NCP is taking mileage through ads in their election campaign about cleanliness of the city mentioning different initiatives which the corporation did for tackling a garbage issue in the city. The city is still struggling to find a solution on the garbage issue though. The PMC still dumps garbage in the Uruli-Devachi garbage depot in spite of the agitation by its villagers and those of Phursungi. In the Aundh area, Swach employees are segregating garbage on the roadsides, to the annoyance of residents. On the other side, the corporation is still fighting to get land in the Moshi and Pimpri-Sandas areas. The corporation sent a proposal to the state government for allocating land for processing plants of garbage.

Pune generates nearly 1,600 tonnes of garbage every day. Of that, nearly 250 tonnes are wet garbage, 850 tonnes are dry and 500 tonnes are mixed garbage.As per the corporation officials, there is 15 per cent of plastic in total garbage generated in the city daily. The quantity is growing every day as the population is increasing. Processing all this garbage is a huge challenge for the PMC due to non-availability of sites in the city.

Source : Mirror