IN A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS – Lane-cutting biker crashes into bus

Three Hurt, Traffic Grinds To A Halt For Over 30 Min At Padmavati Chowk
A motorcyclist’s carelessness and blatant disregard for rules on Monday morning proved costly .The motorcyclist jumped a signal and overtook a PMPML bus from the wrong side. In a bid to save him, the bus driver took a right turn and instead hit a signal and three other vehicles.

Three people, including a woman pedestrian, sustained minor injuries. The incident threw vehicular traffic out of gear for more than 30 minutes at Padmavati chowk in Sahakarnagar on PuneSatara road around 11.15am.

The bus, ferrying passengers between Katraj and Swargate, was waiting at a signal in Chavannagar. As the signal turned green, the bus moved ahead, but the motorbike rider coming from the left side, that is Dhankawdi, jumped the signal and came before the bus, police said. To save him, the driver took a right turn and tried to apply the brakes, but he lost control over the vehicle and hit the signal, a motorbike and two autorickshaws.

The motorbike brushed against the bus and came under its rear wheels, but the rider, Milind Sakale Nimbalkar, escaped with minor injuries.

The other injured include Chanda Nagapure, who was riding pillion with with her son in-law Arvind on a motorbike. The identity of the woman pedestrian who was standing at the signal could not be ascertained.

The incident created commotion on road after traffic was thrown out of gear.

Traffic police faced a tough time handling the situation. It was normalised after the vehicles were removed from the spot.

Senior inspector Deepak Nikam, in-charge of the Swargate police station, said the bus driver Mahesh Nizamrao Jadhav (35), from Ambegaon Pathar, told police that he applied the brakes and took a right turn to save the motorcyclist.

Nikam added that Nimbalkar, however, told police that he did not jump the signal and accused the driver of flouting traffic norms.

“Jadhav was arrested under the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act. He has been working on contractual basis with PMPML for a year. We have seized the bus and kept it at Katraj bus depot,“ he said, adding that the damage caused to the vehicles is around Rs 50,000.

PMPML officials pointed out that prima facie it appeared the bus driver was not at fault.

“The incident is being investigated. The two-wheeler driver wrongly overtook the bus suddenly and came right in front of the heavy vehicle. This jolted the driver, who hit the other vehicles in a bid to save the two-wheeler. However, more detailed investigations will take place and if it is found that the accident happened due to the driver’s mistake, appropriate action will be initiated against him and the contractor,“ an official from the accident department of PMPML told TOI.


A tragedy is waiting to happen on the roads due to the general indisciple and blatant flouting of traffic rules. The accident involving the PMPML bus on Monday was a result of a motorcycle rider jumping a traffic signal. Though traffic police take action against such offenders, it is not a deterrent. The situation is worsening by the day and one feels stringent punishment, including hefty fines and cancellation of driving licences, is necessary. The importance of following traffic rules should be inculcated not only in children but also in adults. Educational institutions and corporate offices can pitch in by devising ways to shame traffic offenders in their respective institutions.

Source : TOI