Rashmi Shukla cautions youth about new year fete as Pune Mirror and Pune police join hands to spread awareness against drinking and driving; banners to be driven around coaxing people not drive while drunk
Pune police commissioner Rash mi Shukla has come up with a motto for New Year’s Eve.“Go out and have fun. But do not drink and drive. Get home safe,“ she has advised. Heading Pune police since March this year, she believes that youngsters have no right to make their parents weep and they ought to party hard but do so responsibly.

Pune police and Pune Mirror have teamed up to spread awareness about drinking and driving. As a part of the awareness drive, several vehicles will reach out to all corners of the city, urging people not to drink and drive. Adorned with banners requesting citizens to drive responsibly, the vehicles will fan out to several parts of the city.Around 10 vehicles of the Pune police and 10 more privately-owned ones have been roped in for the job. Not stopping at that, the police chief has also sent out letters to all pubs and bars, requesting them to ensure that their patrons do not drink and drive. She believes that pub and bar owners take it upon themselves to not let drunken patrons drive or ride, a lot can be achieved.“We have requested them to organise drivers or arrange cabs, so that those who are under the influence of alcohol do not get behind the wheel,“ added Shukla.

Pune being an education hub is a city of youth and the Pune police commissioner believes that they have every right to party and have fun on New Year’s Eve. The mother of two has urged youngsters not to flout rules and drive safely. “Your parents are waiting to see you back home alive in the new year.Do not disappoint them,“ concluded Shukla.