Hadapsar locals’ waste woes poised to end

PCB floats a tender for getting rid of solid waste effectively as residents rue health problems
Hadapsar residents can soon heave a sigh of relief as the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has floated a tender for solid waste disposal. Currently, the generated trash is directly dumped in an open space at Hadapsar, but residents of the area have been complaining about health hazards of waste incineration and the rancid odour. Appeasing locals, the administration claimed that the issue would soon be permanently resolved.Speaking about the procedure, D N Yadav, CEO of PCB, said, “We have floated a tender and will initiate proceedings on Monday. Few companies have presented various technologies for waste disposal in July. Some bidders proposed converting waste into useful fuel. Others showcased outlines of plants, which can convert plastic waste into electrical energy due to the high carbon content.Once the technology is operational, the problem with the Hadpsar landfill will be sorted. Currently, only 20 per cent of the waste is treated making it a nuisance for residents.“

PCB generates around 50 tonnes of garbage every day. Earlier, the board had floated a proposal to build and operate a solid waste management plant on the same site. But, according to the new plan, the garrison would pay the contractor for waste disposal on every tonne.

Locals around the open plot are miffed with the PCB’s inaction for so long, but are looking forward to a new space for waste disposal. Archana Pawar, a resident of Ambikanagar in Hadpsar, said, “There are many issues because of this landfill because of the foul smell.Some of the representatives from the area had earlier filed complaints about it to PCB. But, the problem still persists. However, I am optimistic and all the residents would be happy if the issue would be resolved soon.“ A resident of Chavkar Vasti, Hadapsar, Pankaj Rathi, said, “Five years ago, they had proposed a similar concept, but nothing happened. Last month when the defence minister had visited, we had complained about the issues, which made them come up with this idea. We will be relieved only after it becomes functional.“

Source : Mirror