PMC sets its smart city plans in motion

Municipal commissioner conducts review meeting to decide course of action for one-way road
Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had conducted an eight-day mock drill from Bremen Chowk to Parihar Chowk to make a one-way street under the road rede sign project of the Smart Cities Mission in October. A review meeting was conducted on Tuesday by PMC commissioner Kunal Kumar to decide further plans for this stretch of the road.The project stretch across 9 km of the road, out of which the drill was conducted only on one kilometre. Next week, the administration will begin the work on the rest of the 8-km stretch, which are the internal connecting roads in this Aundh area.When the mock drills were held, many locals objected to the civic body’s decision. Therefore, a citizens’ engagement programme will be undertaken to understand the demands and suggestions of the locals.

During the mock drill programme that was held from October 8 to 15, the road from Bremen Chowk to Parihar Chowk was converted into a one-way street and no vehicles were allowed to ply on it, making it a walking zone for pedestrians.

The project has six main objectives -dedicated wide walkways for pedestrians and universal access for the physically disabled with wheelchairs. Among other facilities are Udaan shuttle service for short distance transportation, organised parking spaces for the public with four and two-wheeler parkings, dedicated cycling routes and an organised space for hawkers.

“We conducted the review meeting with road department officials and the architects’ team working with us on this smart city project. From next week, we will first start the citizens engagement programmes for the rest of the 8-km stretch, which are the internal roads in this Aundh area. The 8-km road plans will be made along with the local residents, taking their suggestions. For this, we will work according to the urban state design guidelines given by the central government,“ said Kumar.

Source : TOI