HOME DEPT ORDER TO NOT USE POLICE STICKERS ON PRIVATE VEHICLES IGNORED – RTI query reveals cops reluctant to take action against own personnel

Response to activist says not a single cop penalised since last year for using official indications on vehicles, when the reality is quite different
Here’s yet another example of the powers-that-be appear ing rather loath to follow the rules they so enthusiastically set down for the aam aadmi.A Right to Information (RTI) query filed with Pune traffic police has revealed that despite clear orders by the home department to take action against cops who embellish their private vehicles with the `police’ legend, not a single policeman has been prosecuted by traffic police for such a transgression in the span of one whole year.Ironically the proof of the pudding lies in a casual glance around any police station, where it is apparent that such stickers are more than common.

The RTI query in question had been filed in October with a local traffic police branch by a city-based activist, founder of the NGO Lokahit Foundation, Azhar Khan. While filing the query, Khan also referred to an order issued by the home department in September last year, directing officials to take action against all police personnel found writing `police’ on their vehicles.

Speaking to Mirror, Khan said, “On September 7 last year, the home de partment issued an order in which it has been clearly stated that no police personnel are allowed to use the police symbol or even the word on private vehicles. Senior officials have been asked to give instructions to subordinates to follow this order; those found not doing so were to be prosecuted.“

“This is not just one order issued by the home department. Even the transport department issued a separate order on May 2016, asking regional transport officials to take action against offending personnel with vehicles inscribed with the word `police’,“ added Khan. On the basis on these two orders, Khan filed the RTI with Pune traffic police asking for information on action taken by them from September 2015 to the same month this year. “While replying, city traffic police said they have no information about such action.This makes it clear that they are not penalising their own for following important instructions. When it comes to taking action against the common people, lots of special drives are carried out by police, but when it comes to taking action against their own personnel, they don’t have details?“ he asked.

Following the reply, Khan has written a complaint letter to the home department, seeking some resolution.

Contacted about this issue, police inspector in charge of the prosecution cell, B Ambure, said, “We have warned police personnel after which many removed the stickers. We will have taken action against them, but there is no specific data recorded about it.“

Source : Mirror