No reflectors? RTO cracks the whip

Around 2k Vehicle Owners Caught & Fined For Flouting Norm In 6 Months
Absence of proper reflectors one’s vehicle could put the owner in trouble as the regional transport office (RTO) has asked its squads to keep a close watch on vehicles operating without proper reflectors.The RTO recently revealed that about 30% vehicles on highways were found without reflectors during a six month (April to September). It checked 6,480 vehicles of which owners of over 1,950 were booked for not having reflectors and reflective tapes.

Most cases were booked on highways passing through Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad and major roads in the Solapur and Baramati region.

A collective fine of Rs 7 lakh was imposed on the offenders. Strict warnings were issued against violating safety rules.

RTO officials said that 30% rule violation was alarming and it shows the “casual“ approach of transporters and drivers towards safer driving practices. The squads have now been asked to intensify checks and act against errant drivers, officials said.

Even regular travellers have pointed out that most heavy vehicles on the highway travel without reflectors. Ameya Rane, who often travels to Mumbai said, “We could observe many trucks and lorries on the highway without reflectors. The trucks travel with additional cargo and most of these vehicles do not have functional tail lamps. This makes travel very dangerous as one cannot spot a truck without reflector during night hours.Without strict action, the transporters will not meet the norms.“ Vijay Shah, who recently travelled via the Solapur road observed illegal parking of trucks on road side. “Most trucks lacked reflective tapes,“ he said.

Habib Shaikh, who works as a driver with a tourist company said that winter season is about start. The roads often witness dense fog or smog which compels drivers to put on head lights and tail lamps.Absence of reflectors or lights makes the driving difficult, he said.

RTO Officials said that the department has put up boards at various places appealing drivers to follow safety measures. However, it seems that they are ignored.

Source : TOI