Buying new vehicle? Pay road safety cess

Effort To Make Thoroughfares More Secure
All new registered vehicles in the state will now have to pay a road safety cess that would be used to make the thoroughfares more secure.The cess would be deposited in the state road safety fund to implement safety measures.These measures would include identification of accident-prone spots, deployment of special flying squads equipped with speed guns and breathalysers on highways and expressways, and formation of a cell to analyse road accidents.

Collection of the cess began on Monday . The cess depends on the road tax of the vehicle, which is calculated on the basis of the cost of the vehicle and the fuel used.

The safety cess is 2% on the road tax paid to the regional transport office. For cars, road tax ranges from 9% to 14%, while it varies from 8% to 10% for two-wheelers.

Pune regional transport officer Jeetandra Patil said there is a misconception that the road safety cess is calculated on the cost of vehicle. “For cars, the road safety cess varies between Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000. For two-wheelers, the cost ranges between Rs 100 to Rs 200,“ Patil said.

If the cost of the car is Rs 5 lakh, the road tax would be Rs 45,000, and the road safety cess would be Rs 900. Similarly , if the cost of a vehicle is Rs 60,000, the road safety cess would be Rs 108.

Road transport officials said that the automobile dealers would pay the road safety cess, like the road tax and the insurance amount as well. Officials added that there is no cess on electric vehicles, and the road tax and safety cess are higher for company-owned vehicles.

Last month, secretary of mi nistry of road transport and highways held a meeting in New Delhi with all state transport secretaries, where road safety measures were reviewed as per directions of a Supreme Court-appointed committee.

The committee had said that states should establish a road safety fund, either by keeping a portion of fines from traffic offences or by any other means. States have been asked to formulate road safety action plan, road engineering measures, enforcement, plan for reducing road crash facilities and establishment of road safety fund.

The SC in its judgement in April 2014 had said that all accident-prone spots (black spots) be rectified after 2011, and added that road safety audits must be carried out during design stage.

Source : TOI