Travel nightmare on NIBM Annexe Road

Residents Concerned About High-Speed Driving, Accidents & Absence Of Traffic PoliceA 24-year-old hotel management student riding a motorcycle was seriously injured after his vehicle crashed into a car outside Nine Hills society on NIBM Annexe Road on Saturday A speeding vehicle ran over a dog on the same road on Sunday Many youths are spotted riding sports bikes at high speed every day Heavy vehicles ply in a rash and negligent manner No policemen is around to deter errant driving

Rapid urbanisation on NIBM Annexe Road, Mohammadwadi and Undri and their surrounding areas is turning out to be a traffic management challenge.High-speed driving is leading to accidents, some fatal, raising the hackles of residents who have now pinned their hopes on the civic election that is round-the-corner.They want elected representatives and people who come seeking their votes to deal with their traffic issues on priority.

They are concerned that a policemen is not deployed to man traffic during peak hours in the morning and evening. Their presence, they said, will check speeding and errant drivers involved in rash and negligent driving.

They also want the civic body to construct speed breakers, install traffic signals and dividers, display warning boards and paint zebra lines.

The residents feel if the measures are implemented in letter and spirit it will play a key role in maintaining traffic discipline in the fringe areas. The construction work of a large number of housing societies is going on in full swing on NIBM Annexe Road linking Mohammadwadi, Undri, Pisoli and Wadachiwadi.

The place is well illuminated with street lights. The condition of the road leading to various places is good, but the internal roads are in a state of mess. It’s high time stringent measures are taken for the smooth flow of traffic, residents said.

Mukesh Charbhe, a resident of Nine Hills society, said, “Heavy vehicles like containers and cement mixers face difficulties in ascending the NIBM Annexe Road from Sunshree Gold to Cloud 9. If the vehicles are unable to ascend, they must wait by the roadside before proceeding. When they wait on the road, vehicular traffic is thrown out of gear for a considerable time.“

Driving slowly is imperative because a clear view of the road is blocked as the forest department has constructed a wall and refuses to hand portion of the land for road widening. Construc tion firms have given a setback to their properties for road widening, he added.

“Youths on sports bike ride at top speed. They perform stunts and have racing competitions at night. We want the PMC to construct speed breakers and install dividers so that overspeeding and overtaking are addressed,“ Charbhe added.

Resident Zeba Shaikh said rubble fell from heavy vehicles ascending the road and motorists are always fearful of moving ahead. Instead of keeping left they drive on the right side and throw vehicular traffic out of gear if they stop midway or drive slowly. “A large number of yo uths are driving recklessly.Many buildings are coming up, but there is no place for parking vehicles on the road.There is no P1and P2 parking system. No public transport like autorickshaws and PMPML buses are available for residents. Cab operators are unwilling to visit this area,“ she added.

Another resident Ashok Sirani said the road is prone to accidents and demanded that the road level near the forest wall be levelled.

Cloud 9 resident Hitesh Surana said, “Mohammadwadi and NIBM Annexe Road have been isolated from the city. The administration feels it is a different place. Efforts are required for getting any work done. After 20 years, the civic body has decided to construct a water tank for resolving the water crises here. Since there is no regulation of traffic, there is indiscipline among motorists. A sizeable number of foreigners stay here and most of them are involved in driving vehicles at full speed. A large number of housing schemes are coming up and even though the condition of the road is good, we want the police to start a police chowkey for regulating traffic.“

Another Cloud 9 resident Sailesh Sardesai said the approach roads to their soci ety were in a mess. “With medians coming up, angular parking has to go. Parking on one side of the two-lane road leaves only one portion free to drive. Shops’ parking space should be given for general parking considering the need of the hour. When the school in our vicinity gets over, the traffic is a complete chaos. It is not safe for schoolkids either. Amidst all this, there is little to deter youngsters who zip past on two-wheelers at insane speeds uncaring of the fact that there are several residential colonies around. Without a doubt, a lot needs to be done on several counts to improve the situation here,“ he said.

Source : TOI