New PCB chief gets real, faces pending issues

DN Yadav has acknowledged civic problems such as waste management and encroachment and intends to sort them out
Newly appointed CEO of the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) D N Yadav has a lot on his hands and isn’t afraid to go vocal about it.With the earlier CEO having been on leave for several months, issues such as sanitation, hospital management and encroachment have piled up to rather grim levels. Rather than being in denial regarding the work ahead, Yadav has already acknowledged the issues and seems intent on addressing them head-on.Elaborating, Yadav said, “It is shameful for us that the defence minister had to come to Pune to look at issues which the Hadpasar waste management plant is facing.Solid waste management has become a major issue and that will be my first target.“

Accepting the anomalies surrounding the Cantonment General Hospital, he said, “Doctors and other employees of the hospital remain absent and patients are unable to get timely treatment. There is a dire need to improve medical management and provide better services in as little time as possible. I will launch the biometric attendance system soon to curb absenteeism.“

A stock of intravenous (IV) fluids was seized by the police from a PCB hospital on August 23. An inquiry was initiated after the incident but the administration has failed to reveal the findings. Said Yadav, “I have the report with me and after examining it, I will certainly release it.“

The focus might be on garbage management, but that’s only one of Yadav’s problems. With the first term of school about to end soon, students under PCB are yet to receive their uniforms. “This delay is unacceptable, but uniforms will be given out after Diwali,“ Yadav assured.

Hinting that anti-encroachment drives have not been as robust as they should have, Yadav said, “Encroachment is one of our major challenges and if anti-encroachment drives were not conducted sufficiently in the past, I will ensure that they are carried out and the issue is resolved. Rather than creating new recreational facilities such as gardens, I will focus maintaining the ones that already exist.“

Source : Mirror