Pune gets 10% excess rainfall this monsoon

After A Delay Of Over 10 Days, Rains Withdraw From State | Maximum Temperature To Touch 32°C In Next Few Days
After a delay of over 10 days, the southwest monsoon officially withdrew from Pune and the rest of Maharashtra on Sunday .The city received 571.3mm against a normal of 566.3mm monsoon rainfall till September 30 this season. From June 2016 to September 2016, the city received an excess of 10% rainfall, while Maharashtra received near normal rainfall. October accounted for 80.4mm of postmonsoon rainfall for Pune against a normal of 59mm.

A met department official told TOI that the normal date for monsoon withdrawal from central Maharashtra is October 7. However, in most years, a delay in monsoon withdrawal to up to October 10 has been observed. “Most concerns are limited to the onset of the monsoon, and not so much about the withdrawal, which is characterized by year-to-year variation. The onset of monsoon too was delayed this year, but it covered the entire country two days before the normal date,“ the official said.

India Meteorological Department’s monsoon data for Pune showed that the city received deficient rainfall in June and September, while it received excess rainfall in July and August. August accounted for the highest excess rainfall, which compensated the city’s rainfall deficiency considerably .

Monsoon withdrawal was delayed due to continuous rain spells during the end of the monsoon season. On October 14, the southwest monsoon withdrew from some parts of Vidarbha, Marathwada, central Maharashtra, north Konkan (including Mumbai) and northern parts of central Arabian Sea, leaving out Pune and regions south of it due to the presence of moisture in the lower tropospheric levels here.

Meanwhile, minimum temperature in the city is expected to dip to 18°C in the coming days from the above normal temperature recorded on Monday at 21.7°C, about 3.4 degrees above normal. The maximum temperature, however, may increase to 32°C over the next few days. On Monday , the city recorded below-normal maximum temperature of 30.1°C, which was 1.8 degrees lower than the normal.

Source : TOI