Stop throwing garbage on any railway station in Pune division, you are under watch. A Central Railway, Pune division administration official said squads have been deployed round-the-clock at all prominent stations to check wastechucking. “People cannot throw garbage on platforms and the tracks. They should use dustbins in trains and the platforms. Passengers have a big role in maintaining hygiene. We are making efforts to ensure that no garbage is dumped on the platforms or on the tracks,“ the official added.-Text by Sarang Dastane

6,900 BOOKED

In just over three months, over 6,900 people have been booked by the railway authorities for not maintaining cleanliness on the premises, with Pune station accounting for maximum cases. Offenders were fined on-the-spot and they were warned not to litter. Fines amounting to Rs 7.14 lakh were collected. Most cases were in September when 3,400 people were caught for throwing garbage on platforms and the tracks, spitting and smoking in public places. Action against offenders will continue to keep stations clean.


The administration has deployed additional staff for cleaning the premises every day. The staff is being monitored closely and cleanliness work is being checked. The staff cleans up the circulating areas and every platform, especially after the departure of trains. Over 150 trains traverse Pune station every day. There are six platforms and two entry-exit gates. Passengers said circulating areas near the main gate have hawkers and beggars and these areas must be vacant for passengers.


Pune, Lonavla, and 26 other stations scored below 400 marks out of 1,000 in a recently published report on cleanliness at 407 stations.Passengers rated cleanliness on 40 different parameters in the survey as a part of “Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan“. The environment and house keeping management of the Railway Board advised the low-ranked stations to

Source : TOI