On FC Road, a fatal impact & 3 close shaves

UNSAFE ONE-WAY: Tea Vendor Hit By Speeding Taxi Dies In Hospital | Driver Held | Chorus For Safety Measures Grows Louder
A roadside tea vendor walking his dog was killed after a speeding taxi hit him just along the footpath outside The Times of India building on Fergusson College Road around 6.50am on Thursday .The fatal accident has on ce again brought into focus the safety aspect on arterial roads, where hapless pedestrians are at the mercy of not just speeding vehicles but also those brazenly coming the wrong way . The road was made into a one-way in 2009.

The vendor, Lalshankar Ravanji Pati dar (40) from Muktai Resi dency in Uttam nagar, was hit from behind by the speeding from behind by the speeding Maruti Dzire car (MH-14 BA-5260). Such was the impact that Patidar was flung in the air and thrown several metres away . He fell on the footpath not too far from the spot where he operated his tea stall, which serves scores of offices and shops in the vicinity every day . The dog escaped unhurt.

The right side of the car was badly damaged. It was still unclear why the vehicle was travelling so close to the footpath. The speed of the vehicle could be gauged from the fact that after the driver applied the brakes, it screeched along the road for several metres before coming to a halt.

Patidar was bleeding profusely from the head. The taxi driver and bystanders put him in the same vehicle and rushed him to Deendayal Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Patidar, a native of Rajasthan, was staying in the city with his nephew and a few friends from his hometown, all engaged in small-time work.He has a wife and son, who live in Rajasthan. His body was taken on Thursday evening for the final rites at his native village. Taxi driver Suryakant Autade (45) of Maharshinagar was arrested under sections 279 (rash driving), 304a (causing death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code and sections 119177 (flouting traffic rules) and 184 (rash driving) of the Motor Vehicles Act.

ASI Rajendra Mayne told TOI, “It is a case of rash driving. The victim lost a lot of blood and initial reports from the hospital indicate that his death occurred due to head injuries. We are waiting for the official report. The victim’s nephew lodged a complaint.“


Two other accidents were reported from around the same spot where Patidar was killed on Thursday. In the first incident, techie Sudhir Nikam and a pillion rider on a two-wheeler were injured when a taxi swerved and dashed them from behind around 11.50am. It was a close shave for the duo as a PMPML bus that was just behind stopped in the nick of time.

The second accident occurred an hour later when a car hit Aishwarya Bhoji, a student of Fergusson College, when she was taking a left turn to enter her institute. The woman driver in the car was reversing the vehicle into the parallel parking across a burger joint.

The woman later blamed the Bhoji for reckless driving. “She could have slowed down when she saw that I was reversing my vehicle. I have come to this road after a long time and it has become risky after being turned into a one-way,“ she said.

In another incident, two bikers fell and were seriously injured when their motorcycle went over the speedbreaker at full speed outside The Times of India office in the early hours of Wednesday.


A fatal accident is always waiting to happen on Fergusson College Road, which is increasingly unsafe and dangerous for pedestrians and commuters.There would not be any traffic rule that’s not flouted on this one-way. Violations like double parking, driving on the wrong side, ignoring no-entry boards, lane-cutting, speeding and heavy vehicles not keeping to the left are rampant. Nobody even blinks while jumping the signal outside the main gate of Fergusson College.What is worse is that there are no traffic policemen to pull up serial offenders or assist pedestrians who find it next to impossible to cross the road due to the unending stream of vehicles.There is an urgent need to curb the lawlessness on this busy thoroughfare.

Source : TOI