Respect for traffic rules gains fans

Lakhs Of Citizens Form Human Chain On Roads To Increase Awareness
Forming a citywide human chain, lakhs of citizens on Thursday pledged to abide by traffic rules.The event was an initiative of the traffic police to raise awareness about traffic discipline. Rallies were conducted simultaneously at traffic junctions between 9am and 11am, bringing together hundreds of schools and colleges, citizens’ groups, NGOs, activists, and hospitals as well as medical associations.

The participants displayed colourful posters and banners, encouraging commuters to follow traffic rules, including wearing helmets and seat-belts while driving, not halting on Zebra crossing, not using cellphones while driving and giving way to ambulances.

Rangolis, street plays, musical bands, video recordings of popular personalities talking about safe driving and live cartoons by Mangesh Tendulkar drew the attention of road users. The participants distributed stickers and badges among commuters, urging them not to flout the traffic laws. Their excitement was visible as many shouted slogans and sang songs. Many commuters put their signatures on flex boards put up at a few junctions as a mark of their support to the cause.

The main programme was held at Khandoji Baba Chowk.Mayor Prashant Jagtap delivered the pledge to all participants in the presence of top civic and police functionaries, including district collector Saurabh Rao, municipal commissioner Kunal Kumar, regional transport officer Jitendra Patil, police commissioner Rashmi Shukla, joint police commissioner Sunil Ramanand and deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Pravin Mundhe. They joined hands with the participants during the rally. The entire proceedings were recorded using drone cameras.

Sharing his excitement, Nikhil Dhar, an NCC cadet of BMCC, said, “It was a good experience of standing at the intersection. We formed a human chain and my duty was to ensure complete coordination.The participants shouted slogans and gave out important messages about traffic rules.Many commuters were breaking laws in the morning. We apprised them of the same.“

Engineering professor C K Gosavi performed a street play at the main venue with his students. “We enacted the importance of not riding triple seat, not driving under the influence of alcohol and not using cellphones while driving. We used music and acting to convey our message. The change has to begin from each one of us and we shall always ensure we follow traffic rules,“ he said.

Expressing satisfaction over the turnout, DCP Mundhe said, “From here on, awareness and enforcement will happen side by side. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been interacting with a lot of school and college students. I am very happy to pass on the message to this next generation of road users. I am confident they will convince their friends, parents, relatives and neighbours to follow the traffic rules.We shall be taking up similar activities across different divisions over the next few days and weeks.“ Appreciating the effort put in by the participants, commissioner of police Rashmi Shukla said, “This is the first step in creating awareness and it would serve its purpose if even 10% of road users start following the traffic rules. The event brought together students, parents and teachers.They can make the start for the change. Citizens need to understand that they should follow the traffic rules in their own interest. It’s sad that people drive on the wrong side of the road, don’t wear seat belts and helmets.“

Source : TOI