No display board near rly platform 6 creates chaos

Lack Of Information Assails Passengers On RBM Road Entry
Passengers entering the Pune railway station from the Raja Bahadur Mill Road are a hassled lot.Finding the right platform for their train is a nearimpossible task as there are no display boards at the entrance that list basic details like train name, time and platform.

Only after climbing the foot overbridge (FOB) passengers get an idea of where their train would arrive.

There are tickers on the FOB, above each platform, that lists the arrival and departure time of trains for that particular platform. However, the ticker on these electronic displays are slow-moving and pose further issues.

Regular passengers say that this is not a new problem, yet nothing has been done to resolve it.

They also wonder why only the Raja Bahadur entrance has been left out when the other two entrances -the main gate and the one near the reservation counter -have electronic display boards.

Akshay Deshmukh, a regular traveller, said that finding out the position of trains was time-consuming if one enters through the Raja Bahadur Mill Road entrance.“Over a hundred trains travel from the station every day .Not every passenger is aware of the position of trains at platforms. New passengers are totally caught off-guard.All entrance gates should have a display board to provide latest train updates at a glance,“ Deshmukh said.

The Raja Bahadur mill road entrance is being increasingly used by commuters over the last few years. The railway administration also operates a ticket window at the entrance to issue unreser ved tickets for local, passenger and express trains.

Avani Kamate, who recently used this side to enter the station, said, “I recently took the Indrayani Express to Mumbai but faced a major problem finding out which platform my train was departing from. I was confused and kept reading the tickers on the overbridge but it was so crowded that I was not able to stand in one place. Finally ,I reached the other side of the station and then was able to locate the platform with the help of an electronic display board. Similar boards should come up at every entrance.“

Autorickshaw drivers and those who come at the entrance to pick up relatives have also complained about the lack of boards that leads to chaos.Appa Thorat, an autorickshaw driver, said that passengers often consult them about the arrivals and departures.He added that clearer announcements are needed to make the process smooth.

Source : TOI