HINJAWADI TRANSPORT WOES – Slipshod parking beats HIA’s traffic resolution efforts

Even after the Metro Zip buses were introduced to curb logjams, illegally parked two-wheelers and these buses are creating troubles for commuters
Besides being an IT hub, Hinjawadi has acquired a precarious reputation of a traffic choke point due to lack of road infrastructure. Now, this problem is further fuelled by irresponsiblyparked vehicles. There are instances everyday where vehicles are stationed in the no-parking zone, right from Shivaji Chowk to Hinjawadi Phase I and Phase II.Two years ago, Hinjawadi Industries Association (HIA) and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) had introduced the Metro Zip service to resolve the traffic and connectivity problems. However, the unwarranted logjams seem to have become an everyday story, even after the transport line was installed on the routes.

Much to the chagrin of commuters, the Metro Zip vehicles, too, are haphazardly parked in the Phase II. At Phase III, the Mega Police Circle serves as a stop for PMPML buses. It has been encroached upon by the Metro Zip buses which subsequently have been leading to traffic jams.

Dr Pravin Mundhe, deputy commissioner of Police, traffic, said, “I have instructed the incharge of the Hinjawadi traffic division to take strict action against those who park vehicles in the no-parking zone of the Hinjawadi InfoTech Park.“

According to Anil Patwardhan, the president of HIA, the association had made elaborate plans with the MIDC and traffic department in order to dole out solutions to the traffic problems.

Patwardhan said, “Our objective is to reduce the traffic on the Hinjawadi route, while providing a safe and comfortable mode of trav el. People in-charge of transportation in major IT companies have come together to design the service and the idea is to make it a value-formoney deal for users who would otherwise spend sizeable amounts of money on petrol, besides wasting time in traffic every day.“

The HIA had suggested multiple changes on the routes, including removal of the traffic signal at Wakad Chowk and banning of U-turn from the end of Wakad Bridge. Both these changes were implemented.

“Two years ago, the suggestions were implemented. The traffic department had taken a tough stand and got things done from all stakeholders. The Wakad underpass and the flyover over the Wakad Chowk for Mumbai-bound vehicles have greatly eased the traffic flow at the the Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, especially during peak hours,“ Patwardhan said.

Commuters have repeatedly expressed their irritation regarding the peak-hour traffic jams. One such IT professional, Abhijit Chakravarty, who commutes on these routes every day, said that he has to “suffer“ a dangerous ride on his way to work.

“I have to deal with the chaos at the roundabout while going to office and even returning home. Buses, cars and two-wheelers jostle to move in from different directions, and pedestrians, too, suffer the risk of serious accidents while trying to board the company buses. During rains, the roads overflow, traffic slows down further compelling many to board rickshaws,“ he said.

Another exasperated commuter, Raj Kumar Srivastava who works as vice-president at Global Bank, said, “I leave for office at 8.30 am.Shoppers and visitors at various food joints park their vehicles abruptly, leading to horrid traffic situation, which worsens during peak hours. Sometimes, we get stuck in the jam for two hours.“

Source : Mirror