Pune railway station to get separate parking bays for autorickshaws, cars

The railway administration has planned separate bays at the Pune railway station for autorickshaws and other vehicles dropping and picking up passengers.

The move will ensure better management of traffic and safer movement of passengers outside the station.

The bays will come up in a vacated plot near the reservation centre. The plot was earlier used for parking two-wheelers which has been shifted to a new location behind the ST bus terminus.

Regular visitors pointed out that the entire stretch outside the station witnesses traffic jams and haphazard parking of autrickshaws and private vehicles. Despite a pre-paid stand, roadside halting of autorickshaws is a common site, visitors claim.

About one lakh people use Pune station every day with over 150 trains passing to and fro from here. At present, a pre-paid autorickshaw booth has been set up at the circulating area of the main entrance with parking slots for cars.

Railway officials said that they were working to revamp the main entrance and existing circulating areas to ensure that vehicles moved in and out from the premises without any obstacle. Separate bays for autorickshaws was among the many steps planned so far.

Officials said that passengers will get an easy access to the platforms after they get down at separate ba ys. The proposed bays are located near foot overbridge (FoB), hence passengers will not have to walk long distance to catch trains. It will also prevent autorickshaws from parking their vehicles in no parking zones along the road.

Ramesh Takar, who often travels by train, welcomed the proposal of designing separate bays, but said the ad ministration needs to monitor movement of autorickshaws to avoid haphazard parking and fleecing of passengers.

Meanwhile, the administration said that a newly developed parking lot behind the ST bus stand has received significant response with more than 75% occupancy . The lot has been developed in abo ut 4,000 sq meter area and has provided ample space for cars and bikes. The administration has said that the users are finding it convenient as approach to the platforms from parking area has become easier and safer. “Passengers do not have to cross any road to reach the station after they park their vehicles,“ a railway official said.

Source : TOI