Forest dept sends notice for cutting 31 trees in Tamhini

Authorities take their campaign against illegal tree felling in the wildlife sanctuary seriously, slam landowner
Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary near Pune -is one of the most significant eco-sensitive areas in the Western Ghats. There fore, in its move to preserve the sanctity and pristine ecosystem of this area, the forest department has started a campaign to stop illegal tree cutting activities.In one such serious action taken last week, the department has issued notice to a landowner who fell nearly 31trees in the area without seeking requisite permissions from the authorities. P V Kapse, range forest officer of Tamhini, informed, “It is a private land but tree felling without proper permissions is strictly prohibited in the sensitive area. The owner razed over 31trees and therefore we decided to intervene and take action. We are still investigating the reason behind cutting so many trees as we are yet to ascertain the owner’s identity. The notices were sent to the owner via registered post after seeking the address in Lonavala from workers. When to owner turns up to meet, we will know better.“

Tamhini is one of the favourite tourist destinations for some to develop farmhouses surrounded by luscious green forest area. Due to this concretisation, there has been a tremendous loss to the area’s ecosystem.

At many spots inside Tamhini Ghat, several land areas are covered with nets as tree felling activities take place inside the premises subsequently. According to ecologists, such practices affect the continuity of the forests thereby disturbing free movement of the fauna.

Looking at the present scenario, a case has been filed with the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in this regard.

Talking about the destruction here, Rajiv Pandit, founder of Jividha, an NGO working towards creating awareness on the environment, who is also one of the petitioners in the case, said, “Already a case is in the court and despite this, such destructions are taking place in the ghat. Tamhini Ghat is an important corridor between the Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalsubai Sanctuary. Such tree felling practices affect the connectivity and movement of the wildlife. Several small projects are resulting in tremendous loss of biodiversity in the zone.“

Source : Mirror