Defunct vehicles lead to garbage pile-up in city

PMC places blame on non-functioning bulldozers to flatten the garbage while residents wrestle with rise in virulent diseases
Onone hand, residents of the city are wrestling with virulent diseases such as chikungunya while on the other hand, a tonne of garbage is piling up in several areas. However, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) claimed that the hold-up in disposing the garbage is due to non-functioning bulldozers -which are used for flattening the waste -at the Uruli Devachi garbage depot.The civic body assuaged the situation, stating that it has been efficient in its job of clearing away the garbage and ensuring clean localities. Currently, the city generates 1,600 tonnes of garbage every day, of which nearly 700 tonnes go to the dumping site as two of the processing plants, Disha and Hanjar, are not operational.

Moreover, PMC has still not been allotted land by the state government to process waste. Therefore, the administration has been merrily dumping garbage at the Uruli Devachi waste depot. Suresh Jagtap, head of PMC’s solid waste management, admitted the issue of garbage pile-up in several pockets of the city. He said, “Due to the breakdown of the bulldozers, our dumpers have not been unloaded at the depot. So, garbage collection has also suffered a setback.“ But, he claimed that the problem has been addressed and that daily work has been resumed. Echoing similar views, Kishor Pol, chief superintendent of PMC’s vehicle department, said, “Every day, we send more than 150 dumping vehicles with over 700 tonnes of garbage to unload at the Uruli Devachi depot. This volume of waste is unloaded and flattened in an open space with the help of two big chain bulldozers by a private contractor. Since, the breakdown of vehicles, the dumpers could not be unloaded. The problem has been resolved now, but it will take two days to clean the piling garbage.“

However, locals are unimpressed with the administration’s lackadaisical attitude.Pravin Mahajan, a resident of Shaniwar Peth, said, “It is quite difficult to walk on the roads in the Peth areas due to all the garbage scattered on the roadside. This is very unhygienic and it is PMC’s responsibility to keep the city clean.“ Another resident, Satish Javalkote from Kasba Peth, said, “The civic body should be more alert regarding garbage disposal, especially in rainy days. They had done quite a good job during Ganeshotsav.However, they should have also showed the same vigour in this season when multiple health-related issues can crop up.“

Source : Mirror