Water discharge challenge in Temghar repair work

The state irrigation department could face a challenge in striking balance between release of water for the city and rural parts because the stock in Temghar might have to be brought down to facilitate repair of its wall.

Having a storage capacity of 3.71 TMC, Temghar has developed leakages in its wall.One option to initiate the urgent work repair work is to bring down its stock.

Officials in the irrigation department said on Monday that they were yet to receive a report from the experts’ committee looking into the repair of Temghar’s wall and proposed release of water from the reservoir. The committee is expected to recommend shortly how the repair work could be taken up, if water is required to be released and in how much volume.

According to officials in the department, about 1.5 TMC water -a month’s quota of Pune city -would have to be released from Temghar for the repair work. This water will flow into Khadakwasla and then it will be released further. Based on the commit ee’s final report, the irriga ion department would take a all on water release.

The government plans to pend about Rs 105 crore for he repair work set to start af er monsoon. The work is ex ected to get over by next mon oon. Officials in the irriga ion department stressed that he water release from Temghar for the repair work would not affect the city’s water quo a. A senior official said all re uired steps would be taken to nsure the residents faced ba e minimum hardships.

“We still do not know how much water has to be released from Temghar. But we shall ensure the city’s water quota remains intact during the work. Also, water will be saved during releases through the year so that the city and rural parts do not face the heat,“ the official said.

He added that water released from the dam would not go waste because it would flow into Ujani dam. About 30 TMC water flowed into the Ujani in the past one month following water release from various dams because of excessive rainfall.

Source : TOI