Eway drones rein in 41 for lane-cutting

The state highway traffic police detected 41 violations in a drone-testing exercise to monitor lane-cutting violations and over-speeding on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway on Saturday and Sunday .

Pune-based Aerial Mappers Pvt Ltd used four drones to cover a 2.5-km range at a 100-metre height in the Khandala and Bhor ghat sections. The video footage and still images were shared with three toll nakas to penalize lanecutting violators.

Superintendent of police (highways), Pune region, Amol Tambe said, “The testing was conducted to check the feasibility of monitoring vehicular movement for lane-cutting and over-speeding. The offenders were penalized at the Khalapur, Lonavala exit and Urse toll plazas. A feasibility report will be submitted to the state government for a final decision through the additional directorgeneral of highway traffic.“

Thane SP (highways) Samadhan Pawar said, “As the drones have a range of five km, we had to keep shifting base. Heavy rain affected the testing, so it had to be carried out only during dry spells.“

State highway traffic police inspector Ajit Bartakke said, “The drones were flown in the Khandala and Borghat ghat sections, where most violations are reported.“

Pune-based Aerial Mappers Pvt Ltd’s mentor-cum-drone pilot Swapneel Bhole said both lanes of the Expressway were covered.CEO Aditya Hingane said they will design a customized thermal camera to enable tracking even during rain and foggy weather, and they plan more trials on weekends. The Air 08163 model testing was done without interference but the Inspire One domestic model’s images were blurred when it was raining, he said. The second model can transmit live in high definition, super HD and 4K video quality , the camera can rotate 360 degrees and it has high wind sustainability .

Source : TOI