PMC turns to radio as clean city plan falters

The Swachha Pune, Sundar Pune competition has got only 82 responses, despite being publicised via print and social media
Despite extension of Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) competition under `Swachha Pune, Sundar Pune’ the initiative, the response from civilians has been lukewarm, with only around 80 applications coming in.Now, the PMC has decided to enhance publicity through radio announcements. The civic body is spending Rs 5 lakh on this, which is ironically more than the prize money allotted for the competition.With piled-up garbage having become a bane, the PMC’s solid waste management department had decided to motivate citizens to participate in garbage processing work. The com petition is open to individual households, schools, colleges, residential societies, and government and nongovernment organisations. Prizes are to be given at the individual level as well as the institutional level for the best practices of garbage disposal Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000 for first, second and third places respectively in each category. The corporation has allocated Rs 5.10 lakh for the awards.

For publicity, the PMC had printed and distributed almost 4 lakh pamphlets and took the help of social and print media. Due to the poor response received, they also extended the deadline for submission of applications.

Now, the department is seeking an additional Rs 5 lakh for publicity through radio. The proposal has been put forth to the standing committee. Analysing the poor response, Suresh Jagtap, head of the department, said. “We didn’t get a good response from the public despite publicity through print media advertisements. We only got 82 applications in different categories, which include NGOs and individual households.“

The PMC has set up an expert committee to evaluate the process in a transparent manner. Officers, experts, representatives from the media and eminent organisations will be evaluating the entries. The award will be announced on September 27 and the winners felicitated on October 2.

The competition includes the solid waste management system, public cleanliness, toilets and a maintenance category in which citizens have to initiate different innovative ways to keep the city clean.

Source : Mirror