KCB skips security checks set before Ganesh festival

Only two of the 16 CCTV cameras are operational in the areas under the board despite repeated reminders by the police
As the city gears up for the Ganpati festival and the police beefs up security measures, the administration of the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) does not seem to be cooperating with the police. There are 16 CCTV cameras set up by the KCB, which are monitored by the Khadki bazar police chowky, but police said that only two are functioning.KCB has failed to repair non-functional CCTV cameras in spite of repeated follow-ups by the Khadki police station. A letter was also sent to the board before Ramzan, but no action was taken since then. Suhas Bhosale, senior inspector of the Khadki Cantonment Board, said, “Cases of housebreaking and chain snatching rise during the festival. Khadki is a cosmopolitan area as people from different communities live here. Many cases of fights have been reported between different Ganesh mandals in the past. Apart from that, there is also a possibility of communal tensions.It is therefore very crucial for us to have those cameras in a working condition.“

The inoperational cameras are in -Darga Vasahat, Indira Vasahat, Kureshi Mohalla Chawk, Navi Talim Chawk, Hole Road, Gopi Chawk, Ed ga Maidan Chowk, D R Gandhi Chowk, Crown Chowk and Jeweller Bazarpeth.

Bhosale added, “Only two CCTV cameras are functional, which would make it difficult for us to maintain law and order during Ganapati festival. In spite of repeated follow-ups, the cantonment has failed to repair them. If the CCTV cameras are operational, only then can we keep a check on the crime rate.“

Speaking about the importance of CCTV cameras, a police officer, from Khadki Bazar police station, on condition of anonymity, said, “In the last month, some antisocial elements had created a ruckus by damaging public property in Indira Vasahat. We were not able to trace the culprit for a few days because the CCTV cameras in that area were not functioning.“

However, authorities in the KCB claimed to have already done the repairs. Amol Jagtap, KCB’s chief executive officer, said, “I had asked the officer concerned to ensure that the repair works are carried out before August15. The officer had later reported that they were all operational.But, if they are still non-functioning, I will ensure that they get repaired soon.“

Arun Godbole, chief engineer of KCB, said, “As the warranty period of the cameras expired last year, we will have to do the repair work ourselves. I have asked my junior engineer to get them fixed before Ganapati festival.“

Source : Mirror