Varasgaon dam 98% full, stock inches ahead

Water storage in Varasgaon dam, the largest among the four dams that supply water to the city , touched 98.20% on Wednesday evening. The collective stock in Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon and Temghar dams also rose to 27.97 TMC (96%) , prompting an increase in water release from Khadakwasla dam to 9339 cusecs on Wednesday evening.

Varasgaon that has maximum storage capacity of 12.82 TMC recorded 12.59 TMC water stock on Wednesday . Catchments of the dam registered 30mm rainfall till evening. Officials in the irrigation department said that water may be released from the dam over the next couple of days if the flow of rain water into the reservoir continues. The dam added about 0.20 TMC water in the last 24 hours, officials added.

The irrigation department is yet to release water from Varasgaon. Water from the dams was being released at the rate of 570 cusecs for the power house, however, direct release of water from spillway has not been initiated as yet.

Officials said they increa sed water release from Khadakwasla to 9339 cusecs on Wednesday evening considering a possible release from Varasgaon in the next couple of days and ongoing release from Panshet at the rate of 1698 cu secs. Officials said, “Water released from Varasgaon and Panshet flows into Khadakwasla. The dam was already re ceiving water from Panshet.Water level in the dam will increase if the release from Varasgaon is initiated. Water rele ase was therefore increased on Wednesday to keep some space to accommodate inflow from both the dams.“

Catchment areas of the four dams recorded decent rainfall on Wednesday . Highest rains of 45mm were recorded in catchments of Temghar, which reached 85.48% of its capacity . Meanwhile, besides four dams in the Khadakwasla complex, water was discharged from 12 more dams in the Bhima basin. In fact, water release which was stopped from Pavana dam for two days started on Wednesday at the rate of 1412 cusces after the dam’s storage reached 98.87% by the evening.

Source : TOI