Cantonment school wall collapses in Dehu Road

A portion of the wall of a Dehu Road Cantonment Board-run school collapsed on Friday night. No one was injured.

Speaking to TOI, Vishal Khandelwal, chairman of the school committee, Dehu Road Cantonment Board (DCB) said, “Two schools operate from the same premises of this school complex in two shifts near Dehu Road railwaystation in the bazaar area. The school is about 50 years old, which makes it the oldest school run by the cantonment. A total of 600 students study in the two schools. A major accident was averted because the incident occurred at night. The school is in a dilapidated condition so there is a need for construction of a new school buil ding. We had closed some classrooms as they were in a bad shape.“

“There is another canton ment run school nearby . We are considering shifting the students to this school. A decision in this regard will be taken soon,“ said Khandelwal when asked what was the plan for the students now.

“Bids have been invited for constructing a new building. We will make all efforts to make sure the new building gets ready at the earliest,“ said Khandelwal.

Abhijit Sanap, chief executive officer of DCB said, “The bids for the project will be opened on August 20. We will construct a new building for the benefit of the students.“

Shrikant Lashkare, office superintendent and public relations officer of DCB, sa id, “The wall of the school passage had collapsed on Friday night at 10 pm. The bricks fell in the outside the this C shaped building. One portion of it has been demolished so that new classrooms can be constructed.“

Dr Zakir Hussain Urdu primary school and Mahatma Gandhi Hindi primary school are located in a single campus in Dehu Road Bazaar area near the railway station.

The school operates in two shifts. Four classrooms were demolished around eight months back as they were in a bad condition.

The ground breaking ceremony for the project was conducted, but the actual work is yet to begin.

Source : TOI