After second mudslide, Lavasa remains cut off from rest of the district

Now, police and the Lavasa mgmt are advising tourists to stay away
Although there was some res pite for Punekars from rain on Thursday, Lavasa remained disconnected from the rest of the district for the second day running, with the only road leading to it blocked after a mudslide. Police as well as the Lavasa administration have appealed to tourists to stay away for the next few days to avoid added chaos at the location and on the way.The private township near Mulshi is a popular tourist spot, not only for visitors from Pune, but also from Mumbai.It attracts more people during the monsoon due to the scenic beauty.

As heavy rain lashed Pune on Wednesday, a mudslide was reported on the road connecting to the Lavasa township the same morning, near the Hotel Ekant. Following this, traffic movement was blocked, and the landslide also left several tourists trapped inside the township for a night.

Meanwhile, road clearing work was started by Lavasa staff. By Thursday morning, roads were cleared -but, the rain gained momentum again and a another landslide took place.

A Lavasa spokesperson told Mirror that due to the entire area witnessing incessant heavy rain for a fortnight, many minor landslides have been reported on roads leading to the township. “But, there has been no damage to life or property. The Lavasa corporation maintains a properly equipped emergency response team round the clock to resolve such issues,“ he said.

While they hoped to clear the road by Thursday afternoon after the second incident, Lavasa staffers were eventually forced to ask tourists to take a longer route. “Usually, the road that connects Lavasa through Pirangut is the most popular one. But since it was closed off, we had to ask people to travel from the Varasgaon route, which goes through Dasave village,“ an official from Lavasa said.

Cops are advising tourists to avoid the place for a bit. Said inspector in charge of Paud police station, Vishwambhar Golde, “Since the road is blocked, tourists cannot reach Lavasa from Pirangut. We are stopping them at the beginning to prevent chaos in the hills. Once there is no more danger, traffic will normalise.“

The road is also popular among bikers, with groups taking out rallies to Lavasa often. Many of these say they have faced mudslides on the route in the past. Sandeep Kulkarni, a biker, said, “Whenever there is heavy rain, we see mud coming down onto the road and making it slippery. But, the situation has never been as bad as it is now. We hope the road gets cleared soon.“

Source : Mirror