Mayor backs one-ways for smooth traffic

Mayor Prashant Jagtap on Wednesday dropped hint at making more city roads oneway to ease traffic congestion though the model was of little help for commuters on FC Road.“We are working on a model of `trafficless city’. Many mayors across the world discussed this concept during an international mayors’ conference in Iran. Based on it, soon a feasibility study would be carried out to convert all major two-ways in Pune into oneway ,“ said Jagtap. A delegation of the elected members of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), including the mayor and the leader of the opposition, attended the mayors’ conference held in Tehran on July 20-21. Apart from mayors, over 100 think tanks and international investors from the UK, US, Italy , Switzerland and other countries participated in the event.

“After travelling to Iran and discussions with the traffic planners, we have mooted the idea of `changing maximum number thoroughfares into one-way’. The civic body will take the lead in this conversion,“ Jagtap told reporters.

He said the mayor’s office would interact with the leaders of other parties as well as the traffic planners and the road department officials. They would draft a basic plan. Then other stakeholders such as traffic police would be involved to make the project successful.

Activists feel that the idea might not prove effective in the city. They observed that nearly seven years ago Jangali Maharaj (JM) Road and Fergusson College (FC) Road were made one-way to improve the overall traffic situation on these arterial roads. But issues like nuisance of roadside hawkers, double-parking and lack of proper facilities for crossing roads has raised questions on the success of the model.

“The concept blanket oneway is not helpful for Pune. Policies should be made keeping all the stakeholders in the mind and not only car and twowheelers riders. Even other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users are important for traffic solutions,“ said Jugal Rathi, the founder of PMP Pravasi Manch.

He said facilities like good cycle tracks, footpaths, traffic wardens and crossings were promised to ease the traffic, but hardly anything had been implemented.

“If the same thing happens while converting other roads into one-way , it will create further mess in city ,“ he added.

Source : TOI